Tripleseat’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2021


In 2021, the hospitality industry gained momentum and looked for ways to rebound from the 2020 COVID lockdown, gradual reopening of venues, and a return to events.

That sentiment translated to the topics we wrote about for the Tripleseat blog and the posts that readers were interested in over the past year.

Let’s take a look at what got our readers’ attention in 2021. These are the top 10 posts on the Tripleseat blog this year:

10. 5 Ways Tripleseat Helps Event Professionals Get More Leads Without Charging Fees

This post shares five ways that Tripleseat helps you capture more leads and increase your event revenue. And Tripleseat does not charge fees for the leads you generate using our tools and features — the leads and the profit belong to you.

9. Tripleseat Release Notes: March 2021

We discussed two big releases in this post. First, event-style calendar filters were released to TripleseatDirect customers to better organize their catering and delivery orders. The second, delivery radius, allows users to set a delivery radius for their drop-off catering and full-service catering orders.

8. Tripleseat Launches TripleseatDirect 

This is our biggest and most exciting news from 2021. TripleseatDirect is an omnichannel, direct booking CRM platform that offers various tools and services restaurants, hotels, unique venues, and caterers need to start, run and grow their on- and off-premise business. With TripleseatDirect consumers can now book, plan, and pay for on-premise events, off-premise catering, and other experiences directly from a venue’s website, social media, and Tripleseat’s EventUp.

7. Event Sales Techniques for the Hospitality Industry

In January, Tripleseat held Hospitality Event Sales and Marketing Seminar sessions that were dedicated to sales techniques. This post has a quick recap of those sessions and embedded recordings of our Selling Your Restaurant and Closing the Deal sessions.

6. Tripleseat Release Notes: February 2021

February was a big month for feature releases at Tripleseat. First, there were several updates to TripleseatDirect:

In addition, EventUp went international and expanded into seven new countries, including England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Australia,  New Zealand, and Canada. And we released autosaving and manual saving PDFs. This anticipated release allows you to automatically save documents as PDFs once your clients e-sign them, also leaving a copy on the guest portal for their reference.

5. How to Drive Event Leads to Your Venue With Social Media

This post discussed how restaurants, hotels, and unique venues could drive business in 2021 by harnessing the power of social media vans the specific actions to get the most out of your marketing activity. Read more for the four steps that you can take to grow event leads for your venue with social media.

4. Post-Pandemic Food and Beverage Trends for Catering and Events

As in-person events continued to make a comeback, we took a look at five food and beverage trends that came out of changes in the industry that we hope will stick around.

3. 7 Helpful Tips to Increase Your Catering Sales

There’s no doubt the catering industry is competitive — and that can make it hard to grow your business and increase your bottom line. We shared tips to help you stand out among the masses and build a catering program that will have people booking your business for any event.

2. How to Start a Wedding Venue: What You Need to Know

Whether you have past experience in the events industry or you just want to tap into your entrepreneurial side, then the thought of opening a wedding venue has possibly crossed your mind. While it’s a huge commitment, it’s also a safe industry to bet on. Check out our top eight tips for launching a successful wedding venue.

1. How to Increase Restaurant Sales: 16 Tips & Tricks

Cutting costs and managing margins can’t be taken lightly, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. This post offers 16 options to show you how to increase restaurant sales. Some of these ideas can be done virtually or in person, and you can adapt them as you move through the different capacities of your local government’s reopening phases or save them for later when you’re at full dining capacity.

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