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  • 3 Catering Trends to Help Your Venue Get Noticed

    Catering is having a moment in the hospitality industry. It’s become popular as a safe way to have quality food delivered to whatever venue clients choose during the pandemic. However, the competition is getting fierce as more restaurants have expanded or added catering services to their business. What can your restaurant or catering company do […]

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  • How to Keep Your Catering Menu Fresh

    As a catering company, your menu can be the deciding factor that motivates a potential client to (virtually) sign on the dotted line. Those who do it well know it’s crucial to go beyond one-size-fits-all menus.  Instead, you need enough options to cover as many event types as possible, while keeping in mind everything from […]

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  • How Your Venue Can Hold Contactless Events by Offering Catering

    The Delta variant of COVID-19 this summer has impacted consumers’ dining habits across the country, causing some to stop or reduce their frequency of going to restaurants, venues, or events in person. Instead, they’re relying on takeout, delivery, or only sitting in venues’ outdoor spaces rather than indoors. Your venue can overcome this trend and […]

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  • How Tripleseat Helps Restaurants Do Catering Everywhere

    Does anyone else feel like catering has taken off in the past year? Of course, the pandemic brought new urgency for a need for catering options of all sizes and types, but the boom didn’t stop once restaurants reopened; it’s only intensified. Lucky for you, Tripleseat is a top tool for catering businesses, so obviously, […]

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  • 7 Helpful Tips to Increase Your Catering Sales

    There’s no doubt the catering industry is competitive — and that can make it hard to grow your business and increase your bottom line. So, how do you stand out among the masses and build a catering program that will have people booking your business for any event?  We chatted with Kevin Caples, special events […]

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  • Consumers Want Your Restaurant to Cater at Home. Here’s How to Do It.

    Catering used to be something that consumers encountered only on the most special of occasions — weddings, conference lunches, large fundraising parties, or the company holiday party.  Over the years, and especially during COVID restrictions in 2020, catering has become a more common occurrence and accessible to the public, planners of social and corporate events […]

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  • 5 Catering Packages Your Venue Should Offer

    With all of the buzz lately surrounding Tripleseat’s newest product, TripleseatDirect, you may be wondering how you can glow up your current catering package options to fully utilize all of the fantastic features TripleseatDirect offers. I’ve done some serious research on unique catering options from venues of all types and rounded up five fun and […]

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  • How Caterers Can Benefit from Using Tripleseat

    Understandably there are certain aspects of private dining events that have temporarily changed due to COVID-19. Beyond size and setup, the physical location of some events has been moved from inside the restaurant to inside the home. Now, instead of hosting the event, your restaurant is catering an off-premise affair. Whether or not catering is […]

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  • How 3 Canadian Caterers Are Going Beyond Catering to Boost Sales

    When hospitality businesses created new ways to drive revenue during the pandemic, they set a new tone for the industry. For catering companies, this meant a pause on traditional, large catering events, and rethinking who their customers are and what products or services they needed. We found three Canadian catering companies that introduced some innovative […]

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