Jumpstart your business with the top event management software.

Tripleseat is a catering and event management web-based platform for restaurants, hotels, and unique venues that will increase sales and streamline the booking process.

Streamline and grow your events business with award-winning tools, support, and community behind you.

60,000 +

Event Sales Managers use Tripleseat daily

99.3 %

Renewal rate over the last 6 years

98.8 %

of users polled would recommend Tripleseat

90 %

of TS employees have hospitality experience

2 Minutes

the average call time on support

5 Stars

Top 5 apps for event and group sales management in Capterra

You know events, we know you.

Managing and booking group events are stressful. Tripleseat will enable restaurants, hotels and unique venues to book more catering, group business, and events and will increase sales without increasing your workload.

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Sales tools built for hospitality

Use data to drive future sales. Track every detail of every contact and every event with Tripleseat’s CRM tools. Turn that data into actionable reports, marketing and increase sales.

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Increase group leads

With Tripleseat’s embeddable and customizable lead forms, Tripleseat VENUES and the most popular venue listing site on the web, EventUp you will capture leads from almost anywhere. Never miss out on a lead again with auto-response emails that allow you to make a connection with prospects within seconds.

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Book a venue using the Tripleseat Booking Network


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