Tripleseat Release Notes: March 2021


To say our product development team was busy in March would be an understatement. Our team continues to work tirelessly to bring our customers the features they ask for and more. Let’s talk about two of those March releases now.

Event style calendar filters

First up, the event-style calendar filters. In February, we released new event styles to TripleseatDirect customers to better organize their catering and delivery orders. This month we released a calendar filter so they can choose to show only certain event styles when viewing their Tripleseat calendar, and they can select an option for the calendar to color by these new event styles.



Please note that as of April 1, event styles are only available to TripleseatDirect users, but we are working on releasing them to all users within the next few weeks. 


Delivery radius

This new feature allows users to set a delivery radius for their drop-off catering and full-service catering orders. This means that you can ensure your staff can make all necessary deliveries without worry or confusion. This radius can be applied to both the Tripleseat lead form and the TripleseatDirect booking form.

To set this new feature up, go into Settings and select Location. From here, click Edit Details underneath the location you’d like to add a delivery radius and scroll down until you see the Event Style section.

You’ll notice the addition of the Delivery Radius and Apply To boxes in this section. The radius is measured in miles. For example, you can set it to 10 miles, which will draw an imaginary circle around your venue that scales 10 miles in every direction. No further modifications are available. The default is blank, which means there is no radius restriction set, and setting the radius to zero is equivalent to leaving it blank.

You can also select if this delivery radius should apply to your Tripleseat lead forms, your TripleseatDirect booking form, or both. Clicking the apply to all locations in the group box does exactly what it sounds like: it will set the same delivery radius for all locations.

Please keep in mind that these adjustments are strictly for live forms; any manually-entered events or leads do not check the radius settings.

For the TripleseatDirect booking form, if a customer selects drop-off or full-service catering, they’ll be prompted to enter the event’s address. If the address is outside your set delivery radius, an error message will populate, and the customer will not be able to move forward with their booking. The error message says, “ ‘Location Name’ has a delivery radius of X miles. Your address is out of range.”

The Tripleseat lead form works similarly. If a customer selects drop-off or full-service catering, when they hit submit the lead, the address will be verified by Tripleseat. If the delivery address is outside of your set delivery radius, the same error message mentioned above will populate, and once again, the customer will be unable to move forward.

That wraps up our March releases! We hope you enjoy these new features as much as we do. Big things are definitely in the works for spring and summer 2021, so stay tuned. 

Tripleseat resources

If you have any questions about these or any other Tripleseat features, contact our amazing support team by clicking the Help/Question button at the top, right-hand corner of your Tripleseat page. From there, you’ll be able to enter a support ticket, chat in real-time with a support team member, and find links to training resources like Tripleseat University, FAQs, and our Knowledge Base.