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Dealing with logistics is the last thing you’d want to do in the middle of a big night or busy shift. Tripleseat helps you take care of sales strategy, planning, and event booking details so you can focus on the main event.

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Measure Your Venue’s Performance

Tripleseat keeps track of booking and event data so you can find areas to improve sales and make guests’ experiences more memorable at your bar or nightclub.

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Seamless Planning and Management for Your Bar or Nightclub

Let your staff do their jobs and help your clients enjoy themselves by making the experience as hassle-free as possible. Our tools help you stay on top of things throughout planning and execution.

  • Simplified Payment Options
  • Convenient Guest Sign-Ups
  • Easy Communication and Planning

An All-In-One Software Solution for Private Event Bookings

Tripleseat has the tools you need to track leads, communicate with clients, create contracts, and get paid.

  • Features that let your clients book, sign, and pay faster
  • Lead forms that give you real-time notifications for every inquiry
  • Secure online payments made easier
  • Tools to help you communicate quickly with your clients and team
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  • “Now that we have Tripleseat and I’ve implemented it into our sales department, it just has changed everything. It makes life easier for not only us as events people but the client as well.”

    Joanna Sanchez, Vice President of Event Sales at Tom’s Urban

  • “Tripleseat impacts other departments that I work with because there’s a lot of communication. So we’re always on the same page and all of the information is there … it makes us work better together.”

    Genese Perez, Creative Director for Monarch Rooftop and Addison Hospitality Group

  • “Tripleseat is an extension of your team. It is like having someone that does all of the tedious work for you. It makes it super simple to put all your details in, quickly respond to clients, get things contracted, and have all the materials you need.”

    Rebecca Levine, Director of Client Services and Operations for Altamarea Group


  • “Tripleseat has made my job better and streamlined it. It also is foolproof … it really helps out to make sure that you’re not making any mistakes or double-booking.”

    Steve Smith, Director of Sales for Legacy Food Hall

  • “Tripleseat has become family … They go above and beyond to answer emails at all times of day, to work on features that make our jobs easier and better, and truly want us to be successful.”

    Alyssa Caputo, Senior Manager of Product Extensions for WeWork

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