Tripleseat for Hotels

Because the Party Can Go All Night

Boost your hotel’s event revenue by over 30% and streamline the booking and planning processes to enhance productivity. Learn why more than 200,000 event managers, sales and marketing professionals, and hospitality leaders choose Tripleseat for Hotels to expand and optimize their group sales, banquet business, catering, and event operations.

Tripleseat is the trusted event management software solution for over 16,000 hospitality businesses globally, including:

Supercharge Your Group Sales and Event Operations

Manage groups smarter and easier in a modern, integrated platform to book more business in less time. Tripleseat for Hotels makes it easy to eliminate inefficiency and scale your event business.

  • Direct Lead Capture and Customizable Lead Forms: Ensures no lead is missed. Seamless integration with your website and social media and the creation of custom lead forms to gather specific event details, tailor responses and proposals, and increase conversion chances.
  • Automated Lead Responses: Automatically sends personalized responses to new inquiries ensuring quick responses for a higher win rate.
  • Online Bookings Calendar: Remove booking conflicts and maximize your event space across for one or thousands of venues.
  • Centralized Dashboard: All leads and event details are organized in a single dashboard for easy management and follow-up, simplifying lead tracking and prioritization, enhancing your team productivity and response times.
  • Mission Critical Event Management Tools: Simplify and streamline planning, ensuring a flawless execution of events. Centralize and easily communicate every detail, from menus to seating arrangements.
  • Automated Document Creation: Generates proposals, Banquet Event Orders (BEO) contracts, and invoices effortlessly allowing more time to close deals and generate new business.
  • Client Collaboration Platform: Clients can directly interact with the planning process which enhances client engagement and ensures their needs are met,leading to higher guest satisfaction and repeat business.

Leverage Software Integrations to Seamlessly Manage Sales and Catering

Tripleseat for Hotels integrates with top tools you need to manage sales and catering to generate more bookings and revenue at your properties.

Deliver Excellence and Drive Growth with Real-time Reports

Tripleseat for Hotels tracks performance and opportunities to ensure your groups and events have the best guest experience. View trends, compare results, and make data-driven decisions to boost your sales.

  • Detailed Lead Analytics: Offers comprehensive insights into lead sources and conversion rates that empowers you with the data you need to refine marketing strategies and focus on the most effective channels for lead generation.
  • Robust Sales Data: Allows you to adjust sales pipeline with pacing and forecasting.
  • CRM Tools: Leverage Customer Analytics to Deliver Tailored Experiences.
  • One Source of Truth: Gain stakeholder buy-in with accurate event analytics.
  • Custom Reporting: Manage sales and event success with data you need.

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