Feature Release: Tripleseat+ Direct on EventUp


Tripleseat’s EventUp venue directory now integrates with our groundbreaking Tripleseat+ Direct feature, which gives your customers a seamless and easy way to book, manage, and execute any off-site catering, in-house private events, and takeout and delivery services with zero friction or negotiations.

When prospects view your listing on EventUp, they will have the ability to book an event or catering order directly from the listing site using your Tripleseat+ Direct form.

This means that in addition to being able to submit a lead inquiry, prospects can actually submit a booking for you to accept, directly from your venue’s EventUp listing. All the client has to do is click the Book Now button located above the request quote section.

To set up Tripleseat+ Direct in your venue listing, you must already have Tripleseat+ Direct set up in your account and you must have access to settings. If you haven’t yet set Tripleseat+ Direct up, simply fill out the form here for assistance.

Once Tripleseat+ Direct is set up, log in to Tripleseat and click on the settings tab on the bottom left, click on EventUp and then click edit next to the venue listing you want to add the Tripleseat+ Direct form to. Scroll down to Miscellaneous Details and you’ll see a dropdown for Tripleseat+ Direct Form. Select the Tripleseat+ Direct form you want to link to your listing and click update.

Removing the form is just as simple. Follow the same directions to remove the form or to switch to a different Tripleseat+ Direct form. 

Adding your Tripleseat+ Direct form to EventUp makes it even easier for prospects to find you and book with you. The process is simple and straightforward. The Tripleseat+ Direct and EventUp integration was built to bring your venue more business and make you more money.

For more information on how Tripleseat+ Direct on EventUp works, check out the video below.

Grow your revenue with Tripleseat+ Direct today

As you already know, we built the Tripleseat platform with you, the event professional in mind. So it should go without saying that we created Tripleseat+ Direct with the same motive: to make your venue money, to make you money, and of course to make your job easier.

If your venue isn’t currently using Tripleseat+ Direct to book in-house events and catering orders, there’s no better time than the present. You must be a Tripleseat customer and have online payments set up with one of our online payment partners: Clover Connect or Stripe. For help setting up Tripleseat+ Direct visit our website to book a demo.