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Take a Deeper Look at the Tripleseat Guest Portal


Feb 6, 2018

Jonathan Morse

Feb 6, 2018

Take a Deeper Look at the Tripleseat Guest Portal


Using event management software to manage your events business is a huge step in streamlining the entire process for your restaurant or venue. Even better? Having the ability to manage all the details of an individual event in one place where your client can access the most up-to-date information anytime they want.

This feature is just another perk enjoyed by Tripleseat customers and our clients, and we call it the guest portal. The guest portal is a website that is automatically generated in your Tripleseat account. This personalized and branded web page can be shared with every customer that books an event at your venue. It contains all of their event’s pertinent information including documents, discussions, and payments. It’s a convenience your guests will certainly appreciate.

Each event has its own unique guest portal. Clients can view and sign all documents from their guest portal. They can see any outstanding payments, and also make payments. The event owner can assign tasks to clients that will be displayed in their portal, such as a reminder to pay their deposit or submit their menu selections. It’s really a one-stop shop for all of your clients’ booking information.


Take a peek inside Tripleseat to see how the guest portal works:



The guest portal is an important tool to help streamline event planning 

The Tripleseat guest portal is another example of how Tripleseat is raising the bar for event management software and making planning and booking events easy for the event managers and their customers. Tripleseat users can access all documents like BEOs, contracts, and proposals from the Tripleseat guest portal.

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