October 2022 Marketing Ideas for the Hospitality Industry


How will you be marketing your hospitality industry business in the month of October? One way to show how your business is involved with the latest marketing trends is to participate in the fun holidays that trend on social media. We compiled a list of food, drink, and other fun holidays that can be posted about in coordination with your menu and other venue happenings. Take a look at our list below and see what may apply to your restaurant, hotel, or unique venue.

Fall is the best season for indulging in the feelings of the season in every way possible. From drinks to menu items and decor, there are so many ways that hospitality industry businesses are getting creative to show off the signs of fall at their establishments. Let’s look at a few fun holidays that are specifically fall-themed.

#NationalPumpkinSeedDay on Oct. 5 could be a way to incorporate pumpkin seeds into dishes on your menu or as part of an on-site event, like a pumpkin carving initiative. #NationalOrangeWineDay on Oct. 6 would fit perfectly with a colorful fall-themed party requiring fall colors of orange. #NationalPumpkinDay on Oct. 26 speaks for itself and can be promoted through drinks, dishes, or a special pumpkin party. Of course, Halloween is the major holiday in October, so #NationalCandyCornDay on O t. 30, #NationalCaramelAppleDay on Ot. 31, and #Halloween on Oct. 31 could make for great hashtags during a Halloween party.

What else is happening in October that could set your business apart? If you offer pasta-making classes, then both #NationalPastaDay on Oct. 17 and #WorldPastaDay on Oct. 25 could be great days to promote specials around your in-house classes. Are baking classes more your style? One way to promote your business could be through #NationalCakeDecoratingDay on Oct. 10. Finally, a Mexican style restaurant may want to plan something fun around #NationalMezcalDay on Oct. 21 that includes certain drink specials or a cocktail class around Mezcal beverages.

A few other miscellaneous holidays that also caught our attention this month include #InternationalCoffeeDay on Oct. 1, #NationalPierogiDay on Oct. 8, #InternationalDayoftheNacho on Oct. 21, #NationalBostonCreamPieDay on Oct. 23, and #NationalChocolateDay on Oct. 28.

Check out our full list of ideas below, and be sure to tag us @tripleseat on Instagram in any creative themes that you use!

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