December 2022 Marketing Ideas for the Hospitality Industry


We may have reached the final month of 2022, but it is the most jam-packed month of the year for the hospitality industry. Cue holiday season events! While you may be promoting holiday menus, seasonal decor, and delicious winter meals on your venue’s social media, we urge you to try some fun ideas we’ve put into this December hospitality marketing infographic. If you have a predicted not-so-busy day or days on your calendar this month, tap into these relevant industry ideas to add something fun and bring in the business that day.

December is about embracing the holiday spirit, so let’s look at the days supporting this holiday theme. For starters, consider an impromptu cookie special or promotion on Dec. 1 for #NationalCookieCutterDay. Does your baking team have custom-branded cookie cutters? Give them away with purchases over a certain amount so your guests can take your brand home into their own kitchens for baking. This sweet gesture is sure to get some attention on social media, too.

One of the most popular cookies during the Christmas season is the classic gingerbread man. Dec. 10 is officially #GingerbreadDecoratingDay, and your pastry team should definitely participate. If you offer baking classes, the theme should be gingerbread cookies for December. Share behind-the-scenes video footage of your pastry chef decorating gingerbread men and share it with your social media followers on December 10. For an added fun element, have your chefs compete against each other in a gingerbread decorating contest and have your followers vote on their favorite cookie. ‘Tis the season to enjoy gingerbread cookies!

Help your guests get into the warm and cozy spirit on Dec. 13, a date also known as #NationalCocoaDay, with a delicious warm drink. If you already offer elevated hot cocoa options, this is certainly your day to shine. If you need inspiration, check out the Cacao Bar in MarieBelle, a chocolate shop in Manhattan. One of MarieBelle’s customers, that goes by the Instagram handle @explorenewyorkcity_, shares her delicious experience selecting from three hot cocoa flavors, servings of whipped cream, and delicious pastries.

Of course, it is worth shouting out the holidays that we wait all year to experience again: #ChristmasEve on Dec. 24, #Christmas on Dec. 25, and #NewYearsEve on Dec. 31. Hopefully, your holiday event promotions and offsite event catering options for these specifics dates are well underway and generating business for your restaurant. From a less obvious perspective, Christmas Eve is also considered #NationalEggnogDay and #FeastOfTheSevenFishes, while New Year’s Eve is also #NationalChampagneDay. Keep these other classic holiday traditions in mind alongside your main promotions. A few final holiday season-specific holidays also include #RoastChestnutsDay on Dec. 14, #RibbonCandyDay on Dec. 21, #NationalCookieExchangeDay on Dec. 22, and #NationalCandyCaneDay on Dec. 26.

There are a few other important holidays to mark in your marketing calendar that stretch beyond the Christmas season theme. Be sure to celebrate your bar team with #NationalBartenderDay on Dec. 2, #NationalLagerDay on Dec. 10, #NationalSangriaDay on Dec. 20, and #NationalBaconDay on Dec. 30.

Check out the complete list of holidays that your restaurant, hotel, unique venue, or catering company can promote in December. Be sure to tag us @tripleseat on social media with your posts.

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