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Enable customers to book on- and off-premise events and catering with your business, anywhere, anytime.

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Give Customers the Flexibility and Control They Desire

TripleseatDirect enables any venue to offer their customers a zero-touch, frictionless and easy way to book, order, and pay for any off-premise catering event, on-premise event, or take out/delivery catering.

  • Seamlessly book catering, take-out or delivery catering, and on-premise events
  • Perfect for booking large party group reservations
  • New revenue stream with no added expenses
  • No commissions or booking fees
  • Venue has total control over every detail

Be Available Where Customers Will Find You

TripleseatDirect lets customers plan events from a variety of platforms. Whether they find your website, social media, or other marketing sites, customers will be able to access a seamless booking experience.

Make Planning Easy for Customers

Customers can plan all aspects of their event through TripleseatDirect. Each step transitions to the next with zero friction: book, plan, and pay for any of these services, and more:

  • In-house private events
  • Large party group reservations
  • Off-site catering
  • Pickup and delivery

A Single Subscription for the Full Product

There’s no need to worry about extra commission fees when customers book using TripleseatDirect. Like the rest of Tripleseat’s offerings, you won’t need to pay anything beyond the standard subscription cost with TripleseatDirect.

  • No hidden fees
  • Scalable service to your needs
  • Modular platform features

Keep Track of Customer Engagement

TripleseatDirect stores data to better inform you of customer behaviors. In other words, you’ll have the tools to anticipate demand and improve your business:

  • Adjust to market trends
  • Sales tracking and forecasting
  • Plan marketing campaigns
  • Gather customer feedback
Tripleseat reporting streamlines restaurant operations

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