Top 3 Benefits to Tripleseat’s New TripleseatDirect Feature


Tripleseat’s latest feature release, TripleseatDirect, has been months in the making. And like many of our best features, it began with a request from one of our customers. This customer’s argument was that no matter how groundbreaking the Tripleseat lead form was, it could be better and any improvements would only streamline the event planning process even further.

We couldn’t agree more, which is why we worked tirelessly on perfecting TripleseatDirect — which offers restaurants, hotels, and unique venues the ability for their customers to complete the entire event or catering booking process, from choosing the perfect space or room to selecting their menu to making payments in just a few clicks — to ensure it would be as functional and as beneficial to our customers as possible. Here are my top three benefits to utilizing Tripleseat’s new direct booking tool.

1. Did I mention streamlining?

Of course, we all know how Tripleseat streamlines the event planning process, but believe it or not, TripleseatDirect takes streamlining one gigantic step further. Think of how much time you’ve spent sending countless emails back and forth with clients deciding on a date, time, and even location. Once that process is done, you then move on to menu selections, AV needs, and other pertinent event details. Finally, after days and sometimes weeks or months of communication, it’s time to call the client back for their credit card and payment information. All and all, you’ve spent half your time at work entering event details into your Tripleseat platform — time you could have spent on marketing efforts and event execution.

Now, imagine if there was a tool that could give you all of that time back. A tool that would streamline the event planning process to the point where all of those things I mentioned before happen within minutes and without you ever having to call or email the client. Enter TripleseatDirect — a revolutionary event management lead form that allows your clients to select the date, time, location, menu, and so much more directly from your website, social media platforms, or marketing emails. TripleseatDirect streamlines your hectic job as an event manager so you have more time to concentrate on marketing efforts and promoting your business — putting more money in your pocket. 

2. Comprehensive lead form

As I mentioned before the Tripleseat lead form is revolutionary on its own, but the TripleseatDirect lead form takes revolutionary to a whole new level. It has the same benefits you already know and love, like being completely customizable and embeddable, but the entry options are taken to new heights. Right from the start it puts the entry of event details into the hands of your clients. They can choose event type (on-premise, full-service catering, pick-up catering, or drop-off catering), event location (room for on-premise or address for catering), time and date, and menu selection including any add-ons like AV or staffing. They can even authorize their credit card directly from the TripleseatDirect lead form.

Moreover, you have complete control over what your clients see and what they can and cannot do. Need to block off specific dates that can’t be booked? No problem. TripleseatDirect enables you to choose blackout dates in addition to specific time restrictions. Only want catering event clients to choose from catering menus? Again, no problem. You can set menus for each type of event so customers can only choose from what you want them to. Guest limits are also a big concern these days. But don’t worry, with TripleseatDirect you can limit the number of guests for each of your private rooms, in addition to the minimum and maximum number of guests for catering events.

Once all of this information is entered by your client, you’ll get the same lead notification you’re used to on your Tripleseat dashboard, and you’ll be prompted to accept or deny the booking. If you accept it, all of the events information will flow into Tripleseat automatically creating all of the documents, and payments for you.

Just like the regular Tripleseat lead form, you can have as many different TripleseatDirect forms as you’d like and you can link them anywhere you can paste a URL. Start with your website, then add the forms to all of your social media platforms, and marketing initiatives.

It truly is the lead form of the future. 

3. Contactless everything

In today’s world, almost everyone is looking for ways to accomplish things at home and on their computers. It’s not only safer, it’s more convenient, and convenience is everything. With TripleseatDirect, your clients can literally book an entire event from date and location selection to menus and credit card authorization, all from the comfort of their homes and within minutes. As you already know, TripleseatDirect was created with event professionals in mind but we were also thinking about the needs of your clients. Satisfaction and smiles all around.

If your venue isn’t currently using TripleseatDirect to book in-house events and catering orders, there’s no better time than the present. You must be a Tripleseat customer and have online payments set up with one of our online payment partners: Clover Connect or Stripe. For help setting up your TripleseatDirect feature, reach out to your Account Manager.

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