The Event Professional’s Guide to Creating a Marketing Plan


Marketing is essential for any venue trying to increase customers and revenue. If you don’t take the time and get yourself found on the resources that customers turn to when they need your services, you’re missing out on potential business.

But how do you create a marketing strategy if you don’t have one to begin with? Or, if you do have a strategy, what do you need to do in 2020 to improve and create growth?

We’ve created a new Events Industry Handbook to help you figure out what tools to use, how and what type of marketing content to create, and how to determine success and improvement in three easy steps. Download the handbook, The Event Professional’s Guide to Creating a Marketing Plan.

Once you’ve downloaded the handbook, log in to Tripleseat to boost your event management by combining Tripleseat’s resources and the right marketing tools. Not yet a Tripleseat customer? schedule a demo to see Tripleseat in action and find out how it can work for your business.

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Need additional resources?

Visit our Events Industry Handbook Series site. You’ll get access to issues of Seated magazine and more guides on marketing, events industry best practices, and more.