How to Market Your Venue to Corporate Event Planners

market your venue

Want to market your venue to get corporate event planners to notice your venue? It can mean a huge boost in revenue. No matter whether you run a massive conference center or a small venue that hosts special events, spreading the word about your venue should be one of your main business priorities.

Implementing marketing strategies that work can help you draw in small local businesses. It can also attract corporate event planners who tend to have a much bigger budget and host events more regularly. Here are some tips for marketing your event venue. You can increase exposure, attract corporate event planners and boost your business revenue.

Get listed in directories

Online event venue directories can help you get your space noticed by corporate planners. Planners go to local and national websites to find the best venue for their events because these often have huge audiences. Tripleseat’s venue directory, EventUp, is the world’s largest online marketplace for event spaces, and features more than 15,000 venues in 300 US cities.

Contact your local Chamber of Commerce

One great way to market your venue with corporate event planners is to do so locally through the Chamber of Commerce. Networking is a huge part of the success of your venue. You can take advantage of Chamber of Commerce connections by partnering up with them to host a party or event at your space. You can also contact convention and visitors bureaus in your area. Check to see if they’d be interested in co-hosting an event at your venue. It also helps to get these organizations to cross-promote these events to bring in more business across the board.

Build an online community to market your venue

These days, it’s incredibly important to make sure your venue has a strong online presence. You can leverage the power of social media. Help increase awareness of your venue and build a bigger online community. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are all great ways to get more visibility and provide your audience with more information about your venue. Create a unique hashtag for each event, and link it back to your venue. It’s free advertising anytime anyone uses or shares that hashtag.

Establish yourself in your industry

Be aware of how you are positioning yourself in your industry. Establishing yourself in the right way helps to build credibility and interest. The stronger your reputation is, the more excited corporate planners will be about working with you. You can strengthen your reputation by starting a blog. Write about relevant industry information and insights. You can also host or present at industry conferences and offer corporate planners the chance to interact with and learn from you.

Advertise your location

What is the number one factor in a corporate event planner’s decision of where to host an event? Location! Don’t make it hard for them to find out where you are located. It’s your main advantage, after all! List your location front and center at the top of your website. Also, place it in plain sight on all of your social media pages. Your venue will be much more attractive to the right potential clients.

More resources to connect with corporate event planners

Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to securing more leads from corporate event planners and boosting the success of your business. You can do even more networking and connecting with these Tripleseat resources. Download our guide, 4 Tips on How to Market Your Venue to Corporate Event Planners, and read this blog post, What Event Planners are Looking for In Your Venue.


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