June 2022 Marketing Ideas for the Hospitality Industry


It is clear that June is here when the weather becomes warmer, the sun shines later, and every food and beverage starts to contain fruit in it. Let’s take a look at the popular food, drink, and holiday “holidays” this month that could help strengthen the marketing efforts at your restaurant, hotel, or unique venue.

Summer officially begins on June 21, so the food and beverage trends reflect warm-weather favorites. Strawberries claimed June 9 for #NationalStrawberryRhubarbPieDay, June 14 for #NationalStrawberryShortcakeDay, and June 25 for #NationalStrawberryParfaitDay. Other fruits in the mix include #NationalPeachesNCreamDay on June 21 and #InternationalPineappleDay on June 27.

More summery favorites to highlight on your social media this month include #NationalCornOnTheCobDay on June 11, #NationalLobsterDay on June 15, and #NationalIceCreamCakeDay on June 27.

When it comes to beverages this month, there are a handful that you could definitely highlight in a creative way to showcase your beverage menu. Show your bubbly favorites on June 4 for #NationalBubblyDay, celebrate rosé all day on June 11 for #NationalRoséDay, and show off your bourbon cocktails on June 14 for #NationalBourbonDay.

A few other fun final dates worth mentioning also include #NationalCheeseDay on June 4, #CupcakeLoversDay on June 13, #NationalCannoliDay on June 16, #InternationalSushiDay on June 18, #NationalOnionRingDay on June 22, and #GoatsCheeseDay on June 25.

Check out the rest of the ideas in the infographic below and be sure to tag us at @tripleseat on Instagram if you use any of these ideas in your marketing.

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