January 2021 Marketing Ideas for the Hospitality Industry


We know that marketing is important, but it became even more important in 2020 for restaurants, hotels, and venues to reach customers during the pandemic.

As we move to a new month and a new year, we at Tripleseat want to help the hospitality industry with content to get the word out about their venues and generate business, so we’ve gathered marketing ideas that you can use every day in January.

The infographic below lists the hashtags for content ideas about hospitality, food, business, and holidays. Use the hashtags with the photos, videos, graphic design, and text posts on these topics that you share on your social media networks. Your followers will know that the content is related to the topic and you’ll get found by followers who are looking for posts related to the hashtags.

In addition to the daily topics, consider creating posts for these themes for the month of January: Veganuary Month (#VeganuaryMonth), Be Kind to Food Servers Month (#BeKindToFoodServersMonth), and National Baking Month (#NationalBakingMonth).

Need more marketing help?

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