How TripleseatDirect Can Increase Your Restaurant’s Online Sales and Catering


Online sales and catering represent a huge share of the projected $900B profits this year in our industry, according to the National Restaurant Association. Convenience and technology is in high demand. No longer is this a passing trend. In fact, online ordering has grown 300% faster than traditional dining. To make the most of this trend, restaurants need to make it easy for customers to order food and beverage online. Tripleseat has continued to evolve its features to make the most out of demand for online orders and catering.

Online ordering is here to stay

Many restaurants have realized that if they want to attract new customers and keep customers happy in an ever-evolving landscape, they need to meet the customer in a variety of off-premise channels that they may not have adopted previously. They also recognize that online ordering accounts for much of their sales. According to industry research, roughly 40% of the total restaurant sales come from online food ordering

In order to make the most revenue, restaurants feel they need to adopt new technology or invest in costly solutions that aren’t always the right fit for their business.

How Tripleseat is supporting this area of business

Here at Tripleseat, we spent the last several years evaluating how we could provide the most value to restaurants that were looking for an online ordering platform to manage their on or off-premises catering and supplement their in-person event business. We wanted to meet restaurants where they needed help the most and increase their revenue without any extra work. 

The solution: TripleseatDirect.

TripleseatDirect is a direct-to-consumer event management, online ordering, and catering platform for restaurants. The web application is a streamlined tool that empowers restaurants’ customers to directly book, plan and pay for on and off-premise orders as well as in-person events.

How does TripleseatDirect help increase your online and catering sales?

Is your restaurant looking for ways to quickly and easily increase your online ordering, catering, and event sales volume without straining your staff? Think about how you’ve handled online orders to date — scribbling down notes over the phone and trying to stay organized with a handwritten calendar listing out all of your upcoming events.

TripleseatDirect was designed with both the restaurant and the restaurant’s customers in mind. We have automated the tedious process of collecting order information and payments, organizing your menus, and keeping track of upcoming events. 

TripleseatDirect provides an immediate ROI in just the first few orders generated through our ordering platform. Customers can easily fill out the intuitive ordering form that you can tailor specifically to your business depending on if you offer on-premise events, full-service catering, or pick-up and delivery catering orders.  

We know things are ever-changing in the restaurant industry, so if you need to adjust menus or availability on the fly to keep up with supply issues, TripleseatDirect makes it a cinch to do so!

You can even block out availability on specific days and times to keep customers from placing orders when you are short-staffed or if your venue will be closed.

Digital customer engagement is key

A top goal for restaurants today is to develop an omnichannel strategy in order to improve digital customer engagement.

TripleseatDirect will cover both of those goals in one tech investment. If you’re worried about increasing your IT budget for this year, don’t be! With our immediate ROI, you don’t even need to increase your budget. We want to be your one-stop shop for seamless management of your digital omnichannel strategy.

With TripleseatDirect you’ll be accepting new orders and making more money as soon as your first order. With TripleseatDirect, you’ll be able to customize your order form for each of your locations to provide your customers with a flawless experience.

Book more events — faster

The benefits of TripleseatDirect are endless for optimizing and growing your omnichannel catering business, but the best thing we’ve done is that we have increased the number of events you can book and taken the stress out of collecting payments and order information over the phone.

Securely collect payments with one of our leading payment partners — that you already integrate with — and get paid as soon as your orders come in. Get your restaurant signed up with TripleseatDirect today to be on par with the digital adoption that is being seen across the industry. Consumers want to have easy access to online bookings; let us simplify that process for you by automating your catering orders today. 

Not only that, TripleseatDirect now integrates directly with DoorDash Drive so if your delivery services are limited or non-existent, you can rely on our new partnership so you can focus your energy elsewhere. You can start delivering orders with DoorDash Drive right away.

Still need to understand why you should use TripleseatDirect?

TripleseatDirect provides your customers with a simple solution where they can book, order, plan, and pay off-site catering, order pickup, delivery, and in-house private events as well, with zero friction. Use TripleseatDirect directly from your website, social media platforms, or EventUp. See a growth in order yields, improve order accuracy, better manage demand, and reach customers anywhere. 

If your venue isn’t using TripleseatDirect yet, head on over to our TripleseatDirect page for more information or to book a demo.