Tripleseat+ Direct Booking Form Best Practices Handbook


We’ve heard from a few of our Tripleseat+ Direct customers that they would love some recommendations on promoting and where to put their online direct booking form. With so many different options and ideas in mind, we went big and created an entire handbook dedicated to answering these questions.

Our Tripleseat Direct+ Booking Form Best Practices handbook should be used as a guide so that you can ensure you’re using your booking form in the best ways possible. Click the guide below to read more.

Tripleseat+ Direct: Overview & Getting Started

Get to know Tripleseat+ Direct and learn more about how it works.

Tripleseat and Tripleseat+ Direct make it easy for you to create memories for your clients whether that be within the four walls of your venue or in their own backyards. If your venue isn’t already taking advantage of all the time-saving, memory-making features that Tripleseat has to offer, schedule a demo at your convenience to take a closer look.