How TripleseatDirect WiII Save You Time and Make You Money


You’ve probably heard us talk a lot recently about our product TripleseatDirect. But maybe you’re still hesitant to take the jump and incorporate it into your business operations. You have questions about its functionality, purpose, and if the hype is genuinely all we’ve made it out to be.

We can’t force you to trust us, but we can educate you on TripleseatDirect’s awesomeness and let you make your own knowledgeable decision.

Why we created TripleseatDirect

We knew we needed to offer our customers a more straightforward way to juggle all of their revenue streams while working with a limited staff. It’s the only software of its kind that allows your clients to seamlessly book and pay for group event bookings and reservations online with a few clicks from your website, social media accounts, or EventUp listing. Your restaurant creates the parameters for your customers to make their booking, including available spaces, guest count, menu, food and beverage menu, and paying their deposit. All you have to do is accept the reservation and grow your revenue.

A versatile booking tool

Next, let’s talk about TripleseatDirect’s versatility. You have complete control over what kinds of events you offer on which days and times. You can even go as detailed as to which private rooms are available for in-house events. You can set blackout dates, lead time limits, choose menus for each event style, and set time minimums and maximums to ensure your room flips are completed seamlessly and on time. We’ve done our best to ensure you have complete control over your virtual event assistant. And there is still a lot more to come. We are consistently listening to the needs of our customers and updating TripleseatDirect with new features and abilities. Below is a screenshot showing a handful of the configuration options TripleseatDirect currently offers.

All of the features you need

Last but not least, let’s touch on TripleseatDirect’s functionality. I know you’re familiar with Tripleseat’s beloved embeddable lead form — well, TripleseatDirect works the same way. Once you’ve built out your TripleseatDirect profile and set up your options and menus, you’ll get an embeddable URL so you can add it to your website, social media accounts, as well as in any marketing materials and email campaigns.

Also, just like the lead form, you can create more than one TripleseatDirect form for different offerings. Want one just for in-house holiday events? No problem. How about one specifically for full-service catering? Create it from your dashboard. It’s your TripleseatDirect, your way.
Below are a few screenshot examples of a sampling of what your customers would see once they click on your TripleseatDirect booking link.

Remember, TripleseatDirect was built to help our customers streamline their catering and events business even further, saving them time and making them money. But, it will only work to its full potential if you utilize it how we intended. Get the word out and make sure the links to your TripleseatDirect forms are easy to access and clear.

Be clear and concise, in your marketing campaigns when promoting your TripleseatDirect booking form. Remember to create a button at the bottom of your emails with a specific CTA that your customers can click, and it will bring them directly to the TripleseatDirect booking form you’re promoting. If you don’t have an email service that allows you to create CTAs, no problem. Simply add the words CLICK HERE TO BOOK at the bottom of your marketing email and link the text to your TripleseatDirect booking form. 

Manage your events and group reservations with TripleseatDirect

This is just the beginning of all the ways TripleseatDirect can help your business save time and bring in more cash. If your venue isn’t using TripleseatDirect yet, visit our website to book a demo.