August 2022 Marketing Ideas for the Hospitality Industry


Hello August, it’s great to see you! Summer has been going smoothly for the hospitality and events industry as people everywhere gather at restaurants, event spaces, hotels, and unique venues to celebrate all of life’s milestones. We have seen some great summer offerings from our customers as they promote various events and new menu items to their customers.

Speaking of promoting summer offerings, we are now back with another month of marketing ideas that you can incorporate to push sales through the month of August. Take a look at our roundup of food and drink holidays that can add an extra flair to your marketing efforts in the month of August.

Embrace the fruit flavors on your menu in the month of August because many holidays incorporate delicious summer fruits. Raspberries in particular are a hot ticket item this summer and can be celebrated on Aug. 1 for #NationalRaspberryCreamPieDay, Aug. 7 for #NationalRaspberriesNCreamDay, and Aug. 11 for #NationalRaspberryTartDay. Other fruits to highlight on menus this month include, #NationalWatermelonDay on Aug. 3, #NationalPeachPieDay on Aug. 24, and #NationalCherryPopsicleDay on Aug. 26.

August can be a month to show off some classic dishes on both the food and dessert menu as well. #NationalJulienneFriesDay on Aug. 12, #NationalFiletMignonDay on Aug. 13, and #NationalFajitaDay on Aug. 18 may fit in with certain menus. Of course, #NationalOysterDay on Aug. 5 will make summer seafood lovers happy. When it comes to desserts, #NationalChocolateChipCookieDay on Aug. 4, #NationalIceCreamPieDay on Aug. 18, and #NationalToastedMarshmallowDay on Aug. 30 could be good to prioritize.

When it comes to drinks, there are a few that could be marketed in the month of August. #NationalIndiaPaleAleDay on Aug. 4, #NationalRootBeerFloatDay on Aug. 6, #NationalProseccoDay on Aug. 13, and #NationalWhiskeySourDay on Aug. 25 are just some of the drink holidays worth celebrating.

Finally, one important date that can be promoted around events and catering is #NationalEatOutsideDay on Aug. 31. If you are reading this as a consumer and need an excuse to throw an end-of-the-summer picnic or cookout party, then this is your sign! As a restaurant or catering business, this is the perfect opportunity for you to use TripleseatDirect to promote your classic off-site catering offerings or something else unique for the summer. Think along the lines of special off-site picnic baskets or happy hour essentials that could be used in end-of-summer celebrations.

Check out the rest of the ideas in the infographic below, and be sure to tag us at @tripleseat on Instagram if you use any of these ideas in your marketing.

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