How Breweries Can Use Tripleseat for More Than Just Event Management


Tripleseat, the leading event management software for restaurants, hotels, and unique venues, is much more than just a private event management tool. When Tripleseat was founded in 2008, we made it our mission to educate venues of all types on the value of private events, and to help them streamline their events process. While that mission remains the same, we’re now utilizing our efforts to facilitate venues on their road to recovery. One unique example of specific venues using Tripleseat to do much more than power their events is breweries.

It’s no secret that breweries are a very popular option for hosting events of all types and sizes. But, with the current restrictions put on breweries due to COVID-19, it makes hosting an event right now extremely difficult. Many breweries have turned to pickup and delivery orders to bring in much-needed revenue. Did you know that you can use the Tripleseat embeddable lead form to capture, and organize takeout orders? The form includes spots for important information like the make and model of a customer’s car so you know which order goes to which person. Tripleseat’s lead forms are fully embeddable, meaning you can copy the URL and place them pretty much anywhere: Facebook, Instagram bio, email marketing campaigns, and of course, on your website.

Does your beer list change more often than the seasons? No problem! You can upload your beer options as picklists, and update them as often as you need to. You are able to create a takeout booking for each order, add what they want from the picklist, and include their contact information. We even offer online payment integrations so your customer can safely enter their credit card information online through the guest portal and pay for their order without having to exchange information in person or over the phone.

Now is a great time to keep in touch with repeat clients. Luckily, almost everything in Tripleseat is reportable. Pull reports on contacts based on how often they place orders, customers who bring in the most revenue, customers who order a specific kind of beer, etc. The list goes on and on. Use Tripleseat as a CRM tool to reach out to customers. Let them know about your current takeout options and what your plans are for events in the future. Staying in touch now will help ensure your events calendar is fully booked once you’re ready.

When it’s time to reopen your doors for in-house business in our new normal, Tripleseat will be here to help you manage “events” of all shapes and sizes. One idea is to open for two-hour time slots with a certain amount of reservations, and a limited number of people to ensure you’re following social distancing protocol. Use Tripleseat to book these mini-events and preorder food and beer selections using picklists. As mentioned before, customers can pre-pay online or pay online on the guest portal using their phone when they’re done. You can even create a specific mini-event lead form to capture reservations and track them accordingly.

We also offer integrations with AllSeated and socialtables, which allow you to create specific physical distancing floor plans to ensure you are keeping your staff and your guests safe. Want more information on ways to reopen safely? Check out our recent blog post, Event Safety Tips for our New Normal.

No matter what your current situation may be, Tripleseat’s got your back. From takeout orders, to mini-events, to large scale private events, we have the tools to keep your business thriving.

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