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  • Social Hour: 2021 Trends and Predictions

    In the hospitality industry, learning about trends is a must if you want your venue to offer the food, beverages, amenities, and services that your customers crave. That’s why we invited Amber van Moessner, the Senior Director of Communications at Upserve by Lightspeed, to share Upserve’s annual report, 2020 State of the Restaurant Industry during […]

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  • Social Hour: Preparing for Career Success in 2021

    Event professionals have had a rough year during the pandemic. Restaurants, hotels, and venues have closed or scaled back as customers quarantined at home and worries about layoffs and furloughs have not let up over the last eight months. Whether you’re working full time in the hospitality industry, planning your next move, or searching for […]

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  • Social Hour: All About Catering and Off-Premise Events

    The demand for catering has skyrocketed in 2020 due to the COVID pandemic. Health and safety regulations, the fear of infection, and reduced venue capacities have caused clients to organize at-home or virtual events with catered meals. We asked representatives from two catering companies – Olivia Colt of Salt & Honey in San Francisco and […]

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  • Social Hour: Open Forum

    After several weeks of asking hospitality experts to guide our virtual roundtable, we put our attendees in the spotlight for this edition of Social Hour. There’s plenty of topics to cover as the hospitality industry adjusts to life after lockdown. Attendees shared their questions and tips on holiday event bookings, creating DIY tasting boxes or […]

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  • Social Hour: Creating Sales Opportunities By Leveraging Your Network

    When restaurants went into lockdown in Massachusetts, Columbus Hospitality Group‘s Boston-based restaurants immediately went into action and switched to takeout and delivery. Lisa Flores, Director of Sales and Marketing, did everything from answering the phone to helping deliver meals and started working on a plan to generate revenue as events were put on hold. That […]

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  • Social Hour: Success Stories of Selling After Reopening

    The difficulty of doing business during a pandemic that requires social distancing and strict cleanliness standards has caused restaurants to change the way they approach everything, from daily service to private dining and events. This has resulted in an inspiring wave of creativity from restaurants across the country, including many Tripleseat customers. We invited event […]

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  • Social Hour: Event & Private Dining Menus for Reopening

    A lot of changes have been implemented since restaurants and venues have reopened in various phases after being on lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, mostly around safety, cleanliness, and social distancing to stop the spread of the disease. But when planning events, venues have to take those guidelines and make further tweaks to ensure their […]

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  • Social Hour: How States Are Handling the Reopening Phases

    As we have talked to event professionals across the country these past 12 weeks, we’ve gotten a first-hand look at how COVID has impacted the hospitality industry from lockdown to reopening. And while lockdown was a scary, frustrating, uncertain time, reopening is a great step in the right direction to recovery but it’s not perfect. […]

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