How to Use Tripleseat as a CRM Tool for Venues


It’s been a difficult few months for us all, and although the road ahead looks brighter, we’re certainly not anywhere near the end of the tunnel of the coronavirus pandemic. As your venue begins to map out reopening plans, you might be asking yourself what you can do now to help ensure your private event spaces are booked through the fall and into 2021. Traditionally you’ve used Tripleseat as your primary tool to gather leads and book, and organize your events. But, did you know that Tripleseat can also be used as a customer relationship management tool or CRM? Read on to discover how.

Managing customer relationships is vital during this uncertain time. Once this is all over, we want to believe that consumers will need more human interaction, and private events are a great way to get it. Remind your customers that you host private events, and you’ll be there for them when they are ready to book theirs. How do you do that exactly? With targeted email campaigns and attractive deals sent to contacts you select using simple Tripleseat contact reports. Here are a few examples.

Find your most booked contacts

Every venue has those tried and true customers. The ones that always come back to you for their private event needs. Why not reward these customers first? You can easily pull a custom report in Tripleseat to identify who they are. Simply click “custom” under the most booked contacts report. You can pull contacts from a certain date range, and then click to filter them by the number of events they booked. Once you run the report you can pull out all of the contacts that booked 3 or more events during that time period, or whatever parameter you see fit. You now have a targeted list you can use to send out emails.  Ask them how they’re doing, let them know you’re thinking about them, and that you are offering them a waived room fee for any event they book this fall or an upgraded bar package or even a percentage off their full event total.

Reach your corporate contacts

Want to target your corporate accounts? No problem. You can pull a custom account report and include the market segment as a column. From there you can filter the report in excel by the market segment and pull out all of your corporate accounts. Reach out to their main contact by email and offer them a free AV package upgrade or complimentary coffee bar if they book their corporate meeting at your venue this fall or early in 2021.

Target holiday event customers

If holiday events are what you’re trying to book, you can pull a custom event details report from the 2019 holiday season. Make sure to run the report by a specific date range (for example: Nov. 1, 2019 – Jan. 31, 2020), and group the report by event type. Now you can easily see which events during this time period were holiday-related. Reach out to these contacts and let them know that it’s never too early to book their holiday party, and that it may be even more important to book early this year since so many groups will want to get out and celebrate when they can. You can offer them no minimum or even a free champagne toast. Chances are they’ll appreciate the offer and agree that this holiday season will be a much-needed excuse to gather with family, friends, or colleagues.

Pull reports now to plan for later

These three examples are just a few useful CRM reports you can pull in Tripleseat. Learn more about reports by watching this video from Tripleseat University.

The possibilities truly are endless. Use this rare downtime to reconnect with your customers and show them you are looking forward to serving them again in the near future. We could all use a little positive energy right now and planning a fall or winter event is just what the doctor ordered.