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TSU Classroom: Denver

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

1:30 pm – 5:30 pm MDT

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Training October 3, 2023
Mastering TripleseatDirect to Elevate Guests’ Experience
TripleseatDirect streamlines the booking and planning process for both you and your customer. We invite you to join our live session to learn how this feature works and how to set this up!
Webinars October 4, 2023
Tailoring Access with Users & User Roles
In this webinar, we explore how to manage individual users in Tripleseat, and we dive into how to customize user roles so they make the most sense for your business. This training is particularly suited for Customer Admin who have the highest level of functionality in Tripleseat.
Training October 5, 2023
Beyond Basics: Exploring Advanced Settings
The second of these trainings will focus on performance management tools, back-end configuration of taxes/fees, and document customization.
Webinars October 10, 2023
New, Now, Next: The Future of Tripleseat
Director of Product, Nikki Perry, will demo Tripleseat’s newest feature releases, preview current projects, and share insight for upcoming enhancements for the remainder of 2023 and beyond. This demo is geared towards customers who are not yet using TripleseatDirect.
Hotel Webinars October 10, 2023
Tripleseat Hotel New User Training
In this webinar, we will go over some of the basics for users who are new to Tripleseat for Hotels!
Party People Events October 10, 2023
Party People: London
Join us for Party People: London for cocktails and networking!
TSU Classroom October 10, 2023
TSU Classroom: London
TSU Classroom experts will energize your team with creative insights into sales, efficiency, and product enhancements.
Party People Events October 10, 2023
Party People: Minneapolis
Join us for Party People: Minneapolis for cocktails and networking!