One Easy Way to Add Your Tripleseat Lead Form to Facebook


There’s no doubt that Facebook is still a primary way that customers connect with restaurants — 74% of diners that have engaged with a restaurant on social media will purchase from the venue — and 91% of restaurants have taken advantage of this activity by maintaining a presence on Facebook, the dominant social media network.

So it makes sense to promote anything that may drive revenue on your Facebook page, especially your private events services. And there’s one easy, prominent way to do that: link the Facebook call to action button right below your cover photo to your Tripleseat lead form.

Here’s an example of a Facebook page for a restaurant that has linked the button to their lead form:

How do you set this up? It just takes a few clicks in Facebook and the link to your Tripleseat lead form. You must be an admin of your venue’s Facebook page to make these changes.

Step 1:

Start by going to the page and clicking on the pencil on to the call to action button. A dropdown menu will appear. Click Edit Button.

Step 2:

The editor will give you a choice on the type of button you want. Select Contact Us.

Step 3:

Next, you’ll decide where to send people who click the button. Copy your Tripleseat lead form link and paste it in this window. Then click the Save button. Your call to action button will now take Facebook followers to your Tripleseat lead form!


If you’re not sure how to find your Tripleseat lead form link, check out this video:


Don’t stop there

It’s great to have a button at the top of your page, but don’t forget to keep promoting your lead form link in all of the marketing you do, including social media posts, emails, or any digital campaigns. Yes, Facebook is the most popular social network, but promoting your events business on multiple marketing platforms gives you multiple chances to reach prospects and repeat customers. Learn more about combining the power of Tripleseat with marketing tools in this blog post, How to Use Marketing Tools to Boost Tripleseat Leads.