4 Reasons Why Your Hotel Needs Sales and Catering Software with CRM Features


Events and bookings are starting to pick up again, and hotels are getting ready for a busy fall. Getting back to business, logging back into all of your hotel systems, and relearning the various tools is no easy job. Between property customer relationship management software (CRM), management systems (PMS), and point of sale tools (POS), it gets challenging to remember which system holds which information.

Wouldn’t it be great to send along a targeted email campaign to a list of your most frequent clients to welcome them back into your venue? Kind of hard to create that list when all your information is spread out between what feels like 50 different systems. Here are four reasons why your hotel needs a sales and catering software with integrated CRM features like Tripleseat.

1. It’s a one-stop shop

One software for all your sales and catering needs keeps booking processes efficient; streamlining where you put your information and create your bookings. Tripleseat streamlines your booking process one step more: your documents are built from your CRM information, so all the necessary contact information flows freely into your BEOs, contracts, invoices, and other documents. No more addresses or phone numbers lost in translation from one software to another! 

Consistent information and documents also make the customer experience simpler, since they will know what to expect. With the CRM and catering information all in the same spot, you are able to create the whole picture in one dashboard, as opposed to keeping your information separated and duplicated on different software. 

Tripleseat will even let you know if your new customer contact information matches anything that already exists within your CRM database when you are creating a new account or contact. Clearing out your duplicate accounts and contacts will be a thing of the past! 

2. Reporting becomes a whole lot easier

Imagine being able to report on revenue and your customer base all in the same place? How convenient! A CRM plus sales and catering combo can provide some pretty useful reports. It is important to look at both of these types of information, especially in terms of one another. There are a lot of things you can learn when comparing information from a sales and catering system versus information from a CRM. 

Being able to report on historical events data is huge for a hotel — and combining past group booking information with past client information is such a benefit. This gives you a baseline to project budget, estimate annual sales, create revenue projections, target repeat clients — you name it! 

In Tripleseat, you can customize and create reports of your own. This means you get to hand-select which information you are including and showing on these reports. You can make predictions based on real-time custom information to present to your executive board or revenue management team. You are also able to create reports of your repeat guests, your top spending clients, and other target groups. You can become a report-creating champion and generate some great content for your team to review and analyze.

3. You can enhance cross-departmental communication

Compiling information from different departments in the same software fosters more cross-departmental communication. If your other departments (besides your sales team) have access to this database, they can see what’s projected for the next three months, six months, year, and so on, and what is happening day to day with customers. Tripleseat allows you to have unlimited users per location. 

Tripleseat also categorizes these unlimited users into customizable user roles that restrict certain users’ viewing and editing abilities. For example, this could allow the chef to view some documents but not be able to edit them, but your sales team could have access to all editing features, viewing all documents, etc. 

You can also have your front desk team set up as a view and submit leads only profile, so when they answer phone calls, instead of transferring them to the sales voicemail, they can enter a name, date, and form of contact right into your Tripleseat site. Those leads will pop right up into your Tripleseat site Leads section. You can then convert them into either a contact or event. Boom: all in one system! Messy sticky notes with random phone numbers will be a thing of the past.

4. Get access to useful dashboard visuals

People love a good visual representation of data. Spreadsheets do not engage short attention spans, or really any attention spans if we are being honest here. It is great to see a sales and catering plus CRM system with a good, visual dashboard. I feel like people are more inclined to look at information displayed in an organized, visual dashboard versus information awaiting them in a spreadsheet. It is also an easy snapshot to send your teams when department heads are looking for sales updates. It is easy for all to understand, it’s engaging, and it sums up your information pretty well.

Use the best sales and catering software for hotels

If you’re launching new ways to drive hotel bookings, make sure to use a tool like Tripleseat to help you increase and manage the group sales that are essential for filling hotel guest rooms, booking event function spaces, growing banquet revenues, and increasing your overall revenue. Schedule a demo to learn more about Tripleseat.