How to Save Time Using Tripleseat’s Documents and Email Templates


When we asked event professionals to share their top resources they need to make event planning more seamless, the number one answer we received was time. If you’re an event professional, this is not a shocker. Sixty-five percent of event professionals work on up to 10 events per week, and it takes 70 percent of professionals up to five hours to plan each event.

Tripleseat is full of features that will help save you time, and we’re going to focus on two of them that will allow you to communicate faster: documents and email templates.


You can use Tripleseat to create templates for just about every document you need to organize your events, including Banquet Event Orders (BEO), contracts, invoices, menus, proposals, kitchen sheets, terms and conditions, and more. Then reuse those document templates for each new event, instead of creating new ones every time.

Creating your documents gets even easier because you can enter your billing information, menu items in your picklists, menu item categories and then automatically pull that information into your document templates. And Tripleseat’s merge fields — which are snippets of code — can auto-populate your documents with booking information such as contact name, event dates, guest counts, and other important details. 

And Tripleseat’s MasterDocs saves you even more time. Instead of having to access individual event documents, all events, their details, and the financials can be on one single document. Everything rolls up to the booking level, and you can also see each event and document separately if you like. MasterDocs saves event managers a ton of time when creating events and making changes to the details of each event.

When you need a printed version of your documents, Tripleseat’s PDF converter gives you flexibility, including adjustable margins, various paper size defaults, and the ability to create headers and footers using merge fields. This feature is much more efficient than printing a document that doesn’t fit on the page, adjusting the size on your laptop, printing again, and repeating the process until the document prints the way you want it.

Email templates

Event clients are going to send you the same questions multiple times a day, every day, and you’re going to respond with the same information over and over again. Use Tripleseat’s email templates, email signatures, and merge fields to set up your replies in advance and make this process more efficient.

Users also have the ability to customize the subject line of discussions on a template basis, which means you won’t have to re-customize the subject line on each new discussion. This feature will set the default subject line, and gives you the flexibility to customize the subject for each email in the email editor. 

Plus, you can filter discussion email templates by location, saving you time and clicks. With more and more event managers using multiple email templates to save time and stay organized, the filtering option is a huge help.

Next steps: Connect with your customers and get organized

The Tripleseat Guest Portal takes all of your hard work and communication to the next level. It’s a personalized and branded web page for each customer that collects all of their event’s pertinent information, including documents, discussions, and payments. Your customers can access everything in real-time, online, 24/7.

Ready to get your communication set up for success? Log in and get started. If you’re not a Tripleseat customer and you’re interested in learning more about Tripleseat’s features, schedule a demo at your convenience to take a closer look.

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