I’ve got a little bit of everything lined up for you this week: Halloween decor, stiff drinks, event inspiration, and a little comedy to take you to the weekend. Enjoy!

That’s spooktacular!

Photo Credit: BizBash

Who says Halloween is just for kids? Not me, that’s for sure. Halloween can be a blast for people of all ages. Even if you’re not planning an elaborate Halloween-themed bash at your venue this year, that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t decorate and offer spooky cocktails or food specials. Maybe Halloween isn’t really your thing and you need some inspiration. Well, BizBash has got you covered. Check out their Halloween party inspiration here. From a “Bloody Carrie” cocktail to spooky projection mapping and everything in-between, steal these ideas for your next October event.

Mmmmm bourbon…

Photo Credit: Liquor.com

Fall isn’t just for pumpkin spice and apple pie, it’s also for BOURBON. Well, to be honest, every season is for bourbon in my book but there’s something about chilly fall evenings that really brings out the bourbon drinker in me. I think every event professional should be savvy in this versatile spirit. From expensive, port barrel-aged specialties to more affordable small-batch bourbons made for mixing. For a quick overview of some very special bourbons, check out Liquor.com’s list of 8 Bourbons to Try Today, and then try them all … today.

Event Envy

Photo Credit: BizBash

For some big event inspiration, head to BizBash for their list of the Top 100 Events in the United States 2019. This diverse list of industry standard-setting events is sure to bring spark some serious event envy. There are categories for events at all levels including small holiday gatherings, music festivals, large-scale trade shows, and a bevy of enticing food, and restaurant industry events.

Please watch this

If there’s one thing I despise about the hospitality industry, its false reviews. You know the ones. A customer goes to a venue, enjoys their meal and overall receives good service, but, they write a one-star, gut-wrenching review because their fork was dirty and their server had resting b*tch face. Reviews like that can absolutely ruin a restaurant, caterer, or even an event professional’s career. But what’s worse than the reviews themselves? YELP, Yelp is worse than the reviews. Interested in knowing why? Enter The Daily Show and their recent interview of “an extremely Italian restaurant owner” who sees Yelp as the devil that extorts businesses with paid ads. If you do one thing today (besides read this blog), it should be to watch this video. If nothing else you get to see what the Bachelor from Season 6 is doing today. You’re welcome.

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