Table-loids: Spring Clean Your Work Life, International Women’s Day, and More Industry News You Should Know


Happy March! And happy one month closer to not having to wear 14 layers of clothes when I leave my house! Every year around this time I start to clean up different facets of my life. Whether it be my home, my car, my wardrobe or, most importantly for this blog, my work life. What better time to tidy up, organize, try new things, and even indulge in some inspiring stories? So this week I give you four great ways to enhance and refine your professional life.

1. I am woman, hear me ROAR
In honor of International Women’s Day, which happens to be this Friday, March 8, let’s talk about what it means to be a woman in the events industry. Despite the fact that women make up the majority of workers in this industry, only around 20% of these women hold executive positions. Unfortunately, the glass ceiling is only one hurdle. The events industry, believe it or not, is still an antiquated business, with many people assuming a woman couldn’t possibly work in such a demanding industry and still raise a family and keep their home life in order. Being a woman who worked as an events professional for over 10 years, I think these thoughts are complete BS. It’s nice to hear how other women approach these stereotypes, and also how they juggle home life with work life. Event Industry News online has provided us with a special International Women’s Day guest blog series highlighting the stories of several women in the events industry. I highly recommend reading these inspiring stories. Whether you’re a woman or a man, there’s something to take away from them. 

2. The art of tidying up … your work environment.
March is the perfect time to start a spring cleaning tradition. I’m not referring to the “hire a maid to clean my windows and under my stove” type tradition, although that’s also a fabulous idea as well. Today I’m talking about cleaning up your work life. The events business is a very busy one. You’re constantly being pulled in a hundred different directions. It’s no surprise then that your professional environment is full of printed contracts, sticky notes with phone numbers, and an inbox full of leads. Of course, my first tip is … to organize everything in Tripleseat! But since chances are you’ve already figured that part out, I’ll send you some more tidying up tips brought to us by the event pros at our partner, AllSeated. In their recent blog post, 14 Tips to Tidy Up the Busy #Eventprofs Life, they give us a few online software suggestions that can help keep things like our email inbox, event photos, and, of course, seating charts, organized. Between Tripleseat and a few of these other useful products, your work life will be “Marie Kondo-ed” in no time.

3. Nothing but net.
Spring isn’t just about tidying up your home and work life, or the coming of warmer weather, or the extended daylight hours, it’s also about BASKETBALL. I can’t say I’m a huge basketball fan — actually I’m really not a fan at all. But I am a fan of taking advantage of pretty much any event to increase sales and make more money. March can be a slow month for private events, so why not take advantage of the March Madness crowd? If your venue has TVs and a decent sound system, you’re already halfway there. But if you’re not exactly known as the place to go to watch basketball, you might be wondering how you attract that crowd. has got you covered. They have offered up 7 March Madness promotion ideas that are easily attainable. They’ve even offered up alternatives to doing a March Madness promo if your venue is a tad more upscale. I highly recommend taking a gander at their suggestions. What do you have to lose? You’ll make more money during a typically slow period and you may even gain a new customer fan base.

4. Bring on — and keep — the Benjamins.
Speaking of making money, because really what’s better than that, let’s talk about cash flow. This week, The Rail has 7 tips to help restaurants manage their revenue. Keeping track of a restaurant’s cash flow is a tricky part of the hospitality business. Typically restaurants have a lot of overhead to deal with, so it can be difficult to manage cash correctly. One obvious fix is to first decrease your overhead expenses. Obviously, you can’t stop paying for electricity or plumbing, but you can take a look at your menus to make sure you’re rotating menu items in a way that curbs food waste. Another great suggestion listed in this article is to be proactive. For example, if you know that February and March are typically your slow months, then you should proactively plan for these months so that you know the cash you have from the good months will pay for what you lose during the bad ones. 

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