Start-Ups Can Increase Restaurants’ Private Dining Business


Here is some out of the box (sorry for the cliche) thinking. Why not make your private dining rooms available to start-ups in your area during slow times (typically Sunday/Monday)?

Start-ups are booming right now, especially web based start-ups like us. Most of these companies are meeting outside of the office (because they don’t have an office) with investors, potential customers and other start-ups. By having a “start-up package” like rental of $200 per hour that includes internet access and monitor and a F&B minimum of say $500 I bet you would get a lot of people who would book that.

This new business is well… new and it would bring in additional revenue plus be a huge marketing boost for your ala carte dining. Having heavy hitters in like VC people, angel investors and entrepreneurs will help your word of mouth marketing (priceless) and increase your private dining sales as most companies have a Board Meeting at least every three months.

Start Ups can be your new pharmaceutical business. Bundle it right and you are in business.