On World Environment Day, Tripleseat Highlights Restaurants Curbing Food Waste in Innovative Ways


Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar takes the mint that isn't used up in cocktails and adds it to entrees as a way of reducing food waste.Since today marks World Environment Day, Tripleseat, the leading web-based event sales and management platform, shares the most creative ways customers are introducing sustainable practices into their kitchens and bars.

Sustainability, including sustainable food production, has been a hot topic across the hospitality industry, especially since close to a third of the world’s food production is wasted each year. The U.S. alone wastes an estimated 30-40 percent of its total food supply.  As a result, many restaurants have been working towards reducing their environmental footprint, becoming more energy-efficient, increasing recycling practices, managing emissions and choosing local suppliers.

Monica Orr, Regional Sales and Marketing Manager for Paladar Latin Kitchen & Rum Bar of Paladar Restaurant Group, says, “We try to re-use or have multiple uses for most of our items. For example, we smoke our chicken in house for one of our entrees, but at the end of the night all the chicken we do not use we put into our tortilla soup. For our cocktails, we use a lot of mint, and when we don’t go through it fast enough we use it in our food for entrees or family meals. We also donate food at the end of the night to a local shelter when needed.”

“If we have excess ingredients from a private event, they are added to the menu the next day,”  says Chelsea Noyes, Event Manager of Wildhorse Saloon. “When we have leftover ingredients from cocktails created specifically for a private event, we’ll use the leftovers and add a cocktail to our specials menu.”

Ali Saladin, Senior Event Sales Manager at Max’s Wine Dive states, “We’ve been composting for months now and before that were composting on a smaller scale with one of our prep workers taking scraps to her farm. We always run specials or try to find ways to repurpose product before it needs to be tossed.”

“We introduced a unique process to reuse ingredients for our bourbon. We do a house-infused bourbon with a tea drip. We take the ends of the oranges that we cut for garnish, and a few other odds and ends of other items, dehydrate them and pack the tea drip. The bourbon goes through the tea drip three to five times, and the results end up being our house specialty Manhattan,” according to Lauren Rullo, Sales and Marketing Manager at Weber Grill Restaurants.

“The hospitality industry has famously been associated with having a dramatic environmental impact, so it’s no wonder that sustainability is a rapidly growing and exceedingly important trend among our customers,” said Jonathan Morse, CEO of Tripleseat. “Whether a restaurant owner or server, the mission should always be the same: provide customers with the best food, service and overall experience that you can, so thinking creatively to make sure nothing goes to waste should just be icing on the cake.”

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