Making Easy Easier-Adding Details For Accounts and Contacts


With the new update scheduled to be released in January, we have updated how you select Accounts and Contacts when creating bookings.

The current process for Accounts and Contacts allows you to add only the full name, e-mail address, address, and phone under a booking. To add additional information, like a second phone number, web address, or custom field required you to leave the booking and go to the Contact or Account directly. This process added additional “clicks” and, frankly, was a pain in the neck. Because the process was difficult, many of our users weren’t capturing all the juicy data related to an Account or Contact and that is not good. So, we set out to fix that.

The new update allows you to add all the details you want directly from the booking without having to leave the page and click a bunch more. It is a simple and elegant way to add details to your Accounts and Contacts.