8 Frequently Asked Hotel Questions


If you’re a Tripleseat for Hotels customer, you know that our software allows you to increase group sales without increasing your workload. Our platform gives you all the tools to book and manage groups at your property with ease.

But if you’re a new Tripleseat for Hotels customer, you may have a few questions about how to get the most out of our features. We’ve rounded up some of the top frequently asked questions from our customers and created videos that answer them. 

1. How do you add and update dropdowns in Tripleseat?

Dropdowns are lists that can be selected when building out a booking or an event. We recommend using dropdowns when working in Tripleseat because they are reportable. This video shares how to add and update your dropdowns in your Tripleseat account.

2. What is the food and beverage minimum and rental fee at the booking level versus the event level?

Tripleseat allows you to enter financials such as food and beverage minimum spends to be applied to the whole booking or each event under the booking but not both. View this video to review how to use the food and beverage minimum and rental fee at the booking level versus the event level. 

3. How do you add and edit terms and conditions templates?

It’s important to make sure that the terms and conditions for each booking have the most current information and that it’s tailored to your clients’ and venue’s needs. This video will demonstrate how to create and update terms and conditions templates within Tripleseat. 

4. How do you utilize merge fields?

A merge field is a placeholder that can be added within Tripleseat terms and conditions, documents, as well as email templates. This video will cover everything you need to know about merge fields.

5. How do you edit a clause within a booking contract? 

You can set up a boilerplate contract for bookings, but sometimes you may need to make changes for a client. This video focuses on how to make on-the-fly adjustments to the terms and conditions for one booking.

6. How do you create a custom booking details report?

The custom booking details report can be accessed in your Tripleseat reports tab and shows information found at the booking level, such as statuses, room block data, and financial details. This video covers how to create a custom booking details report.

7. How do you close a booking?

It’s important to mark your bookings as closed after they have taken place to allow for accurate reporting and historical data. Watch this video for best practices on closing a booking.

8. How do you record and schedule group sales activities?

In Tripleseat, sales activities are based on tasks that are set under your dropdown settings.  This video will help you learn more about Tripleseat’s options to record and schedule your group sales activities, such as prospecting, sales calls, and networking.