Inbound and Outbound Marketing Techniques for the Hospitality Industry


Marketing is the key to getting event leads in 2021. And that’s why Tripleseat created the Hospitality Event Sales and Marketing Seminar, a four-part webinar series to teach hospitality professionals how to develop a marketing-driven approach to their sales enablement strategy.

We designed this four-part series with event sales and restaurant marketing managers in mind, but other marketers, as well as restaurant owners and general managers, can benefit from learning the principles involved in this approach to sales enablement.

Generating Leads with Social Media

The first section, Generating Leads with Social Media, focuses on how restaurants, hotels, and unique venues can use social media marketing to drive sales with customers and prospects. You can view the recording below to find out which social networks you should be using to drive event bookings, how to use Tripleseat’s lead form link on social media, what to post on each network, and how to measure success using Tripleseat reports and social media analytics tools.

Outbound Marketing Techniques

The second section, Outbound Marketing Techniques, takes a look at email marketing and cold calling. The recording below will show you how to use email marketing the right way to drive leads. It also includes tips on email lists, what to say, how to build and use drip campaigns, segmenting, and email marketing software. It also covers how to use direct mail to follow up and what goes into a cold calling script that works.

Tripleseat has the top tools to improve sales

Our event management features allow your restaurant to grow leads via social media and email marketing, use your data for CRM activities, seamlessly organize every event, track sales, and pull a number of reports to make sure you are meeting your sales goals. If you’re not a Tripleseat customer and you’re interested in learning more about Tripleseat, schedule a demo at your convenience to take a closer look.

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