Create gorgeous proposals and event orders that get results

Tripleseat’s SmartDocs is a customizable, easy-to-use, banquet event order, contract, proposal, and invoice generator. Build completely branded documents and customize fonts, colors, and more. Your professional-looking documents will be pixel-perfect and look great on every device or web browser.

Keep all of your documents in one place

Every document you create with SmartDocs stays with the booking it is related to. You’ll no longer have to search through endless files or long email chains just to find a contract or BEO. All documents can be shared and viewed online by your staff or clients.

Dynamic online menu creation

Quickly and easily add menu items to a Banquet Event Order. Simply select the picklist item in the document, and your menus will appear. Choose one item or hundreds. Quickly and easily select an existing package or a customized one.

Share all of your documents online

That’s right — no more cutting and pasting documents and faxing or emailing them to your client. Clients can view your document changes in real time. If you want to go old school, you still have the option of turning any document into a PDF to print or email.

Capture and close new event business from anywhere

Our SmartLeads features enable your venue to capture leads from your existing website, your Facebook page, our Venues by Tripleseat directory, and inquiries from the telephone. With SmartLeads, you will never miss or lose a potential lead and you’ll close new business faster than ever before.

Convert leads directly from your website

Leads from the Tripleseat lead form on your website will automatically be sent to your email and your Tripleseat account, where they can be quickly converted into bookings.

Receive leads from our venue directory

Tripleseat customers can create a profile on and receive direct inquiries from Venues by Tripleseat, the most popular online event directory used by event planners looking to book a restaurant, hotel, or unique venue for their next banquet or private dining experience.

Capture leads from Facebook

The Tripleseat Facebook app enables your venue to add a lead inquiry landing page directly to your Facebook page. Our app captures all of your leads’ details and automatically populates all fields for easy follow up.

Communicate easily with your guests

Tripleseat’s SmartChat features allow event managers and their clients to communicate easily with each other. You won’t have to spend time playing phone tag or trying to find client emails. SmartChat connects all of your communication in your Tripleseat account to all of your clients’ event details.

Keep on top of the details

Our automatic tasks tool helps you organize every single detail of your events. Use tasks to keep track of all events coming in and the follow up steps that need to happen before, during, and after an event takes place.

Follow up on prospects

Stay on top of opportunities to connect with potential customers with SmartChat. You’ll show prospects that they’ll be well taken care of when they book an event with your team.

Remind your guests

Set up automatic tasks for event dates or status changes to make sure nothing is missed. You can remind your guests of event details with just a few clicks!

Create and manage event bookings

Our booking features store all of the details about an event in one central location. Keep track of who requested an event and what time and location they desired. Also track documents, notes, and tasks associated with your bookings.

Organize easily with the bookings calendar

The bookings calendar shows all your events from one venue or hundreds. You can view your online calendar by status, room, or venue to ensure you know which rooms are taken and which are available. Synch your Tripleseat calendar with Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, or Apple iCal.

Never lose any event booking details

Check out all of a booking's details in a single view. Use Tripleseat’s custom fields, to add even more details that are unique to your business. You can easily share the booking with clients or staff. Because Tripleseat is web-based, you don’t need any special hardware or software to view the booking — just a web browser.

Multiple events for a single booking

Have multi-day events on the calendar, but want to keep it organized under one booking? We know that some single event bookings have multiple events, such as a meeting, reception, and dinner. With Tripleseat, create as many events for a single event booking as you need.

Take credit card payments online

Tripleseat’s SmartDocs is a customizable, easy-to-use, banquet event order, contract, proposal, and invoice generator. Build completely branded documents and customize fonts, colors, and more. Your professional-looking documents will be pixel-perfect and look great on every device or web browser.

Collect payment directly from an event order

Tripleseat enables you to collect payments online by taking multiple deposits or the whole event at once, directly from your BEOs, contracts, or other documents.

Secure and PCI compliant payment portal

Your customers have access to a secure and PCI compliant payment portal where they can enter their credit card information away from prying eyes. They can rest easy knowing their credit card information is safe.

Track and report on all credit card payments

Track all payments directly in Tripleseat from the booking screen or from your documents. You can also access in-depth and detailed reporting for accountants, chief financial officers, and controllers.

Manage all your contacts in Tripleseat

Quickly and easily find all your venues’ contacts. See the who, what, where, and when of every person in your database. You will be able to see what they booked, when they booked it, and all communications between the contact and your venue.

Improve your customer relationship management

Tripleseat provides you with your own CRM system. Organize and manage your contacts in one central database that is accessible online for everyone you give access to. Share contacts across multiple venues and get a complete picture of every guest.

Use data for smarter marketing

With Tripleseat reports, you can quickly and easily create and download a contact report. Identify who books the most with your venue or spends the most per month or year, and use the data for direct mail or email marketing.

View a complete history of customers

Quickly access a complete history of a client’s interactions with your venue. In one centralized location, you can see how often your customers book with you and all the details of their events.

Operate seamlessly with online tools

Tripleseat offers integrations with the most widely used hospitality software, email marketing tools, credit card processors, and more. Take advantage of our partners and integrations to access the tools you use most without leaving your Tripleseat account.


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