How to Use Tripleseat for Golf Courses and Country Clubs


If you’re an event professional managing a country club or golf course, you need to wear a hundred different hats and be the ultimate multitasker. All while navigating a property that has many business facets and logistics. 

Tripleseat is incredibly customizable, which is beneficial while using the platform for specific events that may require more detail, preparation, and communication across departments — such as events at a golf course or country club. 

Included below are a few of Tripleseat’s great features, tips, and tricks to help utilize the platform to the best of your ability for your property and events program.

1. Discussions and communication

Discussions, or messages, in Tripleseat can be with the customer or with solely your internal team. Regardless of the other party in the conversation, Tripleseat will help keep track of your customers’ and guests’ correspondences in an organized fashion while still being tied to the email address in your User Account. By creating discussion groups, you can easily message a group of users and streamline communication, creating communication consistency. 

Other great features in the platform include the file library, similar to a virtual dropbox in Tripleseat, and discussion email templates which are standard, frequently used messages you can build on your Tripleseat site. Tripleseat is web-based and can be accessed from any device, whether at your desk or on the go.

2. Contacts and accounts

For client communication, on your events in Tripleseat, you can have as many contacts as you need for an event — it’s unlimited! Spouses, family members, colleagues, and other essential people can all be added as contacts to an event and included in your Discussions. This is perfect for events such as weddings, tournaments, and fundraisers when multiple people are involved on the client side.

A best practice is to be thoughtful in how you set up the account and contacts for an event. For example, you may want each member (John Smith, for example) to have an account, and then any contacts associated with events they hold at the property can be listed under the “John Smith Member Account.” Reporting capabilities are very robust in Tripleseat as well, allowing you to track and report on these accounts/contacts, whether they are members or non-members.

3. Documents and customizing 

Are you getting the most out of the documents you’ve set up on Tripleseat? These documents can be customized to include sections specifically catered to the property, including timeline and setup/maintenance needs. The font and coloring in your Tripleseat documents can also be adjusted to tie into your company or property branding. 

These documents are live links, automatically updating as you update charges and information. You can be on a call with a customer or member holding their event at the venue, update their event on your computer in your Tripleseat site, and save the changes. Once they refresh the page in their Guest Portal tied to their event, they can see these changes in real time. This saves you a lot of time and energy, preventing the sending multiple emails with documents attached to clients working on the same event.

4. Reporting 

As noted above, Tripleseat reporting is flexible and robust, allowing you to review your business’ performance. This allows you and your team to track sales, see trends, and efficiently gather information to increase revenue. You can elevate your analytics with Tripleseat+ Insights, a reporting tool that analyzes your data and takes the stress of spreadsheets out of your life with intelligent reports and dashboards to help review your business.

The reporting allows your golf course or country club to review what types of events have brought in the most revenue, forecast your sales for the rest of the year, and determine which clients have spent the most on events. Follow the reporting up by using Tripleseat’s CRM features to contact past clients to see if they’d be interested in booking again with you for their future events.

5. Calendar management

The Tripleseat calendar is a great way for you and your team to stay organized across the property with private events. The notes feature allows you to add non-event-specific information to the calendar, such as maintenance, grounds work, and other activities that impact your space. And you can block any event spaces to prevent anything from being booked during that time. 

The calendar can also be filtered in your user profile; you can filter the events in the calendar to be colored by room or area and by certain event statuses. If you have Google or Outlook, the Tripleseat calendar can also be exported out of Tripleseat into these external calendars. 

Start using the right tools to manage events

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