Hosting Private Events Introduces Lord Hobo to New Faces: See How Tripleseat Helped Generate a 100% Increase in Event Revenue


Historically, most people have viewed breweries as a casual place to meet up with friends and have a cold beer after work. And that’s exactly how Lord Hobo Brewing Co. started, as one of the original brewpubs in Cambridge, Mass. 

When they opened the doors to their taproom located in Woburn, they knew they had a unique backdrop to host private events. With the capacity to accommodate more than 400 guests, two indoor seating locations, and patio seating, the event and party types are limitless. 

The taproom has become a staple in the community and a go-to for event planners. Often families plan all of their most meaningful events, year after year, starting with the wedding day, followed by baby showers and birthday parties as these families progress through life. 

About the company

Lord Hobo Brewing Co. was founded in 2015 from a craft beer bar. Today Lord Hobo operates out of three Massachusetts locations: Woburn, Boston, and Cambridge.  New England born and brewed, the brewery focuses on being a New England brand serving innovative New England-style beers with deep roots within the community. Beyond the three Lord Hobo locations you can visit, the Lord Hobo beers can be found in 12 New England states and multiple wholesale partners.

The Lord Hobo taproom in Woburn, Mass., is the perfect casual backdrop for corporate events, baby showers, weddings, and educational classes, featuring great beer and good times.

We talked about the private events business with Grace Kelly, Private Event Sales Manager of Lord Hobo Brewing Co., at the Woburn taproom.

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How Tripleseat helped

Grace Kelly, Private Events Sales Manager at Lord Hobo Brewing 

Lord Hobo experienced significant improvements in their lead conversion and revenue after implementing Tripleseat. Before adopting Tripleseat, they could book only one out of every 10 leads received. However, since integrating Tripleseat into their operations, their lead booking rate has improved to two to three leads booked for every ten received. This represents a remarkable enhancement in their conversion rate. Additionally, Lord Hobo witnessed a substantial 100% increase in revenue across their two locations. Overall, the implementation of Tripleseat has positively impacted Lord Hobo’s lead conversion and financial performance.

The implementation of Tripleseat brought significant time-saving benefits to Lord Hobo. Templates and tasks played a crucial role in optimizing their event execution process. Since each event at Lord Hobo is tailored to the specific needs and preferences of the planner, having pre-saved templates and auto tasks with the appropriate language and branded notes provided a solid foundation for their events team. This eliminated the need for event managers to start from scratch with every new lead, saving them time and effort. By utilizing Tripleseat, Lord Hobo successfully resolved various issues and achieved greater efficiency in their client management workflows.

Lord Hobo experienced a positive correlation between hosting private events in their taproom and increasing organic website traffic and taproom visitors. By hosting private events, Lord Hobo had the opportunity to introduce their space to new individuals who may have yet to be aware of Lord Hobo or their event capabilities. This exposure led to organic growth in online traffic to their website and physical visits to their taproom. Hosting private events was a valuable marketing strategy for Lord Hobo, helping them reach a wider audience and generate increased interest in the taproom and events.


The Women of Lord Hobo (WOLOHO) have come together to celebrate their labor, expertise, and skillset in the brewing industry while giving back to the community that supports them.

A portion of the proceeds from each beer created by the WOLOHO team will go towards furthering the education of the Women of Lord Hobo. The creation and sales of these beers allow women from different departments to further their education. 

The WOLOHO team also hosts events at each Lord Hobo location, where $1 from every draft beer purchase is donated back to the community they live in and support at various charities and organizations. 

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