5 Reasons to Host Private Events at Your Brewery


From the beer connoisseur to the simple beer sipper, we visit breweries, brewpubs, and taprooms alike for more than just the beer. We visit breweries for the overall experience. Yes, the beer needs to be good, but a brewery offers a laid-back, un-stuffy, relaxing, and enjoyable environment, all paired with quality, tasty beer. 

Breweries make excellent event venues for those same reasons. Planners are looking for a unique space. They want to host an event in a more casual setting that allows the guests to relax and enjoy themselves. 

Here are five reasons to host private events at your brewery, brewpub, or taproom. 

1. Build brand awareness

Hosting events at your brewery can be a powerful way to build brand awareness and increase visibility for the brewery within your local community and beyond. By hosting private events, the brewery can reach a larger audience. Event planners invite in their guests who may not have heard of your otherwise. These guests will be introduced to your products and could become future customers. 

2. Develop customer loyalty

Private events can also be an effective way to engage with customers and build relationships with them. By hosting events, the brewery can provide an opportunity for customers to interact with the brand and learn more about its products and culture. As part of event packages, you can offer tours and tastings of the brewhouse or an overview of the brewing process.

3. Revenue growth

Hosting private events creates a new revenue stream for the brewery. With private events, you can charge a hosting or room fee per event in addition to any food or beverage consumption and add-on items your venue offers.

Event guests enjoying their time at the event will be encouraged to buy merchandise and beer to take home at the event.

On average, venues that host private events at their spaces see a 30% increase in venue revenue. 

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4. Community building

By hosting events, the brewery, and brewers can foster a sense of community among its customers and create a space where people can gather and socialize. This can help to build loyalty among customers and create a solid fan base for the brand.

5. Collaboration opportunities 

Private events can also allow collaboration with other businesses and organizations. Your brewery can partner with local restaurants or food trucks to provide food for the events if you don’t offer food in-house. Partner with local musicians to add musical flare to any event.

Hosting private events at your brewery, brewpub, or tap room is an excellent way to create a unique and memorable experience for guests and attendees while generating additional revenue, building the brewery’s brand and reputation, and integrating yourself into the local community.

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