Here’s Latha….


I am very excited to introduce “in residence Event Planner ” expert Latha Youngren.

Currently Latha is an Event and Management Consultant but before that she was the Private Events Sales Manager at Tripleseat customer ilili in New York City. Her experience as a Private Event Sales Manager, former user of Tripleseat and now Event Planner brings us some great insight for both Tripleseat and

We don’t plan on keeping her knowledge bottled up she will also be posting from time to time on her experience with everything event planning and sales. So without further adieu here is her first post. I know you will enjoy it.

A Planner’s Perspective…

The holiday season is already in full swing which means most of your Private Dining Rooms are booked – right? Well if not, don’t worry, there is still time.

The good news for the hospitality industry, in general, is that party bookings are on the increase from last year. However, some companies are still being conservative about their spending. I know of one that has decided to do a potluck in the office – not such good news for restaurants – or the employees. This is more the exception than the rule. More likely, as trends are showing, people are waiting until the last minute to plan their parties and hoping to get a break if there is availability. They also might wait until the new year.

I recall being panicked when I didn’t have a booking every day for the month of December. I was counting on that commission to finance presents for my family and more importantly, for the vacation I had planned  in order to relax after all the madness was finally over. Luckily, it turns out January is becoming almost as popular as December for company celebrations. I, for one, am all for it. Once the dust has settled from Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s and any other holidays, it’s nice to have something to look forward to for both parties involved.

Last year, I booked one of my largest events for an advertising agency in mid-January. It was a nice little bonus to start out the new year and to take that post-holiday break!