Feature Spotlight: Tripleseat’s Advanced Reporting Platform (TARP)


One of the benefits of using modern, cloud-based business software is all of the reporting and data your restaurant, hotel, or venue can access anytime, anywhere, on any device. And that data equals revenue.

Tripleseat users have access to a tool that takes reporting and data to a whole new level: Tripleseat’s Advanced Reporting Platform (TARP). TARP enables sales and event professionals to take a closer look at their data, identify trends and patterns, pull more than 20 reports, and help your venue make smart decisions to grow your events business.

Let’s take a look at TARP’s features, tools, and benefits.

Extensive reporting for every event

The reports that TARP provides are extensive, detailed, and cover just about every piece of data you’ll need. They’ll allow you to analyze your event business and determine what actions to take to increase bookings and boost revenue. 

The TARP library of pre-built sales reports pulls insights from your Tripleseat data — from day one — and gives you the answers to daily sales questions automatically. Your team can easily access the reports they need on a daily basis, giving you more time to take action.

The types of reports include:

1. Event reporting

  • Event pace report
  • Event revenue report
  • Event billing report
  • Event billing changes report
  • Event productivity report
  • Lost events report
  • Room revenue summary
  • Event overview report

2. Booking reporting

  • Booking annual pace report
  • Booking pace report
  • Booking revenue report
  • Booking productivity report
  • Lost bookings report

3. Sales reporting

  • Sales activity reports
  • Sales performance reports
  • Sales quota reports
  • Bookings in-period vs. pipeline report
  • Bookings won/lost by owner report
  • Booking sales cycle overview
  • Booking sales cycle by owner
  • Booking sales funnel

There are more reports beyond this list and Tripleseat will release additional reports in the future.

Get an overall view with the TARP dashboard

Know exactly how your events business is doing as soon as you log in to Tripleseat and access TARP with the dashboard feature. You can customize your TARP dashboard with the charts, graphs, and data that’s the most important to you.

If you want to take a closer look at any piece of the dashboard, you can easily access those reports in your TARP account.

Empower and improve your sales team
TARP’s reports on sales activity, sales performance, and sales quotas provide the data you need to manage your sales pipeline, create an accurate sales forecast, and tailor coaching to each rep based on performance. 

The sales data tracked by TARP is a single source of truth that is always accurate and always up-to-date for your sales team. When sales reps gain access to this data, it creates a culture of accountability and motivates them to increase event bookings.

Make smart decisions

The data from TARP’s event reports, booking reports, and sales reports, provides the information your venue needs to make more informed decisions about your events business. You’ll be able to focus on what’s driving revenue, easily spot outliers, mitigate variability, and expose trends across your historical data. 

The planning and analysis for your venue will become more data-driven, and you’ll be able to produce persuasive reports and forecast that your leadership can trust, which results in more informed business decisions.

Save time

TARP’s rapid reporting tools mean that your sales and event managers will spend less time building and updating Salesforce reports and spreadsheets.  Even better — automation settings allow you to automatically create and deliver your most-frequently used reports.

How to purchase Tripleseat Advanced Reporting
Go to Settings

Scroll down to the bottom right of the page and click on Tripleseat Advanced Features

Click Add a subscription to add features

Navigate to Tripleseat Advanced Reporting Platform

Find your venue and select Advanced Reporting

Enter your payment information

Select Submit

Once you enter submit, go to the Reports page and on the top right of the reporting page, click the Advanced Reporting button and you are good to go!

Get started with TARP
If you’re a Tripleseat customer that has questions about TARP, or would like to see a demo, please contact Marcus Craigwell at marcus@tripleseat.com, or visit the TARP page on the Tripleseat Marketplace.