Beyond Basics: Efficiency Through Templates


Getting a response out to your client quickly is key to booking business.

That’s why Tripleseat gives you the ability to create email templates that help you reduce the time spent writing new emails for the communications you send over and over again to clients. You can also personalize those communications by combining email templates with merge fields to send a customized message to your client within minutes of their inquiry.

Email templates can not only help you respond to leads; they’ll enable you to get final details from your event hosts, and send thank you and follow up emails after the event.

Our recent webinar, Beyond Basics: Efficiency Through Templates, takes a look at the benefits of using email templates, and how to create them in Tripleseat. Check out the webinar recording below:

Beyond Basics Efficiency Through Templates from Tripleseat on Vimeo.

Here’s a recap of the topics covered in the webinar.

Email templates – the who, what, when, and why

1. Who should create and use templates?
Any user. Templates can be created by admins for the whole team in Settings > Discussion Templates. Users can create personal templates in My Profile.

2. What types of templates do you need?
You will see 4 types of templates you can create:

  • Lead templates are for fast responses to leads. You can create different versions of the response that are geared towards different types of events. You can also include pictures of your space and a link to menus on your website.
  • Document email templates make sending contracts, BEOs, proposals, and other documents easier than ever. Just craft a message that lets the client know to click the link to view their document, and any other steps you need them to take, like e-signing the contract or making a deposit through the guest portal.
  • General event templates are used when sending a discussion to a contact about an event. You can set up general event templates such as a request for final details that you send prior to the event, or a thank you email you send the day after the event.
  • Payment request email templates are helpful when you’re using the request payment feature. Send these emails to remind your contacts that a deposit or event balance payment is due.

3. Why use templates?
There are a lot of benefits to email templates. Everyone on your team will be sending the same messages, keeping the voice and tone of the email as well as the information consistent. Y You will be able to answer your clients questions and respond to their needs faster, helping ensure you book the business

4. Where can you access templates in Tripleseat? Are they available on desktop or mobile?
You can access the templates from anywhere, so your email responses are at your fingertips whether you’re at your desk, your home office, or your mobile device.

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