3 Automated Ways Tripleseat Can Help Your Venue Grow Leads


We are reaching the light at the end of the long coronavirus tunnel in the hospitality industry; restaurants and venues are reopening across the country, mask mandates are lifting for vaccinated people, and in-person events are back! Now that we have made it to this point, it is time to bring in the leads!

Tripleseat, the industry leader in event management software, can help your restaurant or unique venue capture leads with ease. Take a look at three automated ways Tripleseat can help your venue grow leads and book up your events calendar.

1. Tripleseat lead forms

During the Tripleseat onboarding process, you will learn everything there is to know about the Tripleseat lead form. The Tripleseat lead form is one of, if not the most important way of bringing Tripleseat leads into your account. How does the lead form work? Well, to set up a lead form, head into Tripleseat and go to Settings > Lead Forms. Lead forms can be hosted anywhere that a URL link can go — on your website, social media accounts, email marketing campaigns, employee signatures, and so on. 

The lead form will capture the interested party’s contact information and event details, including the nature of the event, location, event date, party size, start and end times, and any other additional information noted. When a lead form is filled out, the lead will automatically populate into your Tripleseat dashboard for you to convert into an event on your calendar or suggest an alternative date depending on your availability.

The key word here is automatically! Once the lead form has been set up on your various channels, Tripleseat does the work for you. All you have to do is see if the event inquiries work with your schedule. Automatic email responses will even be sent to the interested party saying that you will be in touch with them shortly. Spend less time tracking down leads, and let the leads come into your lead form. Marketing strategies for your venue can always be planned with the lead form in mind as the means to capture inquiries.

Lead forms can also be set up and branded for all sorts of occasions — holiday seasons, specific campaigns, or just a basic everyday lead form. Each lead form also has its own lead source, so you can see which lead forms are bringing in the most activity. Whether you choose to use one or five different lead forms, you are setting yourself up for success by making things easier for yourself through automated lead generation.

2. EventUp

Next up on the list of ways that Tripleseat can help your venue grow leads automatically is through Tripleseat’s venue directory, EventUp.

EventUp is the largest venue directory, showcasing restaurants, hotels, and unique venues. EventUp streamlines the event planning process for both social and corporate event planners. With only a few clicks, event planners can browse thousands of unique venues ranging from bowling alleys, to concert venues, across the US, and book directly with the venue all through the EventUp portal.

As a Tripleseat customer, you automatically receive a free listing on these directories, with the option to pay a small monthly fee for a premium listing

The venue directory listings are made up of multiple components: photos, event space descriptions, special amenities, map details, and keywords about the venue’s ambiance. When an event planner is searching the directory for a future event venue, they can search by city, and then choose from other specific venue keywords, such as “rooftop,” “onsite parking,” “corporate events,” or “rustic ambiance,” for example. The more detail provided on the directory listing, the better chance you will be found during the search process. 

When a planner is interested in a venue, they can submit a quote request right through EventUp. Similar to how the Tripleseat lead form works, these inquiries will automatically show up in the Tripleseat dashboard and the EventUp portal. Respond to the event leads just like you would with any other leads and accept if they fit with your calendar. EventUp will do the marketing work for you, and bring the leads straight to your dashboard. The EventUp blog also highlights customers for a little extra marketing push. 

3. Tripleseat+ Direct

One of the most talked-about features that we have added to Tripleseat within the past year is Tripleseat+ Direct. If you have not heard about Tripleseat+ Direct yet, then listen up, because it is yet another way that Tripleseat can help your venue capture leads automatically. Tripleseat+ Direct starts off with our standard lead form and takes it to the next level. When an interested party fills out the TripleseatDirect form, they are not just submitting an inquiry but essentially planning all their event details at that moment. They choose a date and time, onsite or offsite location, select a menu, and allow for credit card authorization right on the spot. It is not just a lead being created, but an entire private event booking. 

The booking shows up in the Tripleseat dashboard in its own specific Tripleseat+ Direct section, where it can be accepted or denied by the event planner. If the event is accepted, Tripleseat will automatically set up the event for you, including payments and documents. On the other hand, if the event is denied because it will not fit in the schedule, the interested party will receive an email telling them so and then further communications can be had to figure out a new date or time that would work for the event.

When creating the Tripleseat+ Direct form to host on your website, social media, or email marketing, it can be set up so that it fits your location’s offerings exactly. For example, the Tripleseat+ Direct form will reflect your minimum and maximum guest counts, available booking hours for each booking type, event duration limits, lead time limits, and blackout dates. Interested parties will only be able to book what you are able to offer. TripleseatDirect simply automates and speeds up the process of getting that lead into a booked event.

Drive more leads, automatically

The rest of 2021 will be full of events, and as an event planner, you want those events at your venue. There is no time like the present to get started with an event management software that will help you capture leads, manage events, and increase revenue across the board. Schedule a demo with Tripleseat to get started today!