3 Ways That TripleseatDirect Makes Event Professionals’ Lives Easier


OK, we finally raised the curtain on TripleseatDirect. You’ve heard what it does, you know how it can help increase revenue for your restaurant, and you may have even watched our overview video on how it works and what it looks like. But, we have yet to answer the most important question of all: How will DirectBook help make your life — the life of an event manager — easier? Today, I present you with three ways in which TripleseatDirect will enhance the way you run your business.

1. Time is money

The process of planning and executing events is time-consuming. I don’t care if the event is in person, off-site, or even virtual, it takes time to do things right. TripleseatDirect will cut your event planning clock in half. Think about how much energy you currently spend writing emails back and forth with clients in order to select event menus, AV needs, and other important details. Or how about the phone calls you have to make in order to authorize a credit card or collect deposit payments? TripleseatDirect eliminates all of that and does it for you seemingly automatically. All you have to do is accept or deny the booking with one single click and three days’ worth of work is done in seconds, giving you more time to execute the events and market your business for future events.

2. Organization is key

Organization is worth just as much as time is. A disorganized event manager leads to chaos and your entire staff will feel it — from the host stand to the kitchen and into the dining room. This is true with all events from in-house to catering and beyond. If you are unorganized, your staff and your event will be too. As a Tripleseat user, you already have the most valuable organization tool at your fingertips and TripleseatDirect just intensifies its value. Once your client fills out the DirectBook event lead form and you accept the booking, all of the event’s information flows into your Tripleseat platform — automatically creating the event, documents, and payments for you. You truly can’t get more organized than that.

3. Leads

Leads equal money in your pocket and there is no easier way to obtain leads than with a customizable and embeddable lead form. Of course, you already have an abundance of lead forms because you’re a Tripleseat customer (pat on your back) but TripleseatDirect lead forms are even more amazing. Not only can your client book a potential date, and time, but they can also choose almost anything else including room for in-house events, address for catering, menu selections including any add-ons, special requests, and so much more.

You can customize your TripleseatDirect form to exclude any dates, times, or rooms you don’t want clients to choose, or to include specific menus, experiences like virtual offerings, wine tastings, and catering packages. TripleseatDirect is truly one of the most valuable tools you can have at your disposal as an event professional. 

Grow your revenue with TripleseatDirect today

As you already know, we built the Tripleseat platform with you, the event professional in mind. So it should go without saying that we created TripleseatDirect with the same motive: to make your venue money, to make you money, and of course to make your job easier. 

If your venue isn’t currently using TripleseatDirect to book in-house events and catering orders, there’s no better time than the present. You must be a Tripleseat customer and have online payments set up with one of our online payment partners: Clover Connect or Stripe. For help setting up your TripleseatDirect feature, reach out to your Account Manager.