The Top Amenities, Keywords, and Photos That Get Your Venue Noticed on EventUp


Listing your venue on the leading global venue directory, EventUp powered by Tripleseat, exposes your venue to new customer possibilities. EventUp is used by thousands of corporate and social event planners, along with wedding planners, each day that are searching for a venue that offers them an event space that fits both their amenities requirements and their desired budget. They also want a space where they can envision all of their event dreams being met. 

Standing out amongst the crowd of restaurants, hotels, and unique venues to capture the most event planners in their search is easier than you think. I review hundreds of listings across the site and the listings that perform the best — which means that they get noticed the most by planners — have a few things in common when it comes to the photos they choose to display and what they include in their descriptions. 

Here’s what you should add to your EventUp listing to get noticed:


Make sure your venue uses multiple professional photos in your EventUp profile to give prospects a complete look at your space.

I cannot stress enough how the photos you select to add to your listing are the single most important factor when it comes to event planners even taking the time to look at your listing. 

If you can, hire a professional photographer to come in and shoot your venue while it’s empty and during the day when you have the most natural light.  It’s also a best practice to ask any customers who hire a photographer for their events if you can have access to any photos that show off the space setup.  

Your listing should have a minimum of 10 photos. Event planners want to see every space and angle so they can get a real feel for what the spades offer and start to envision how they set up each part of the party or event. Photos should include inside spaces, outside spaces, day setup, night setup, unique details of the venue, gardens, water fountains, views, kitchen, pool, overnight rooms, an empty venue, the venue set up for different types of parties and events, and also include photos both with and without guests. 


This screenshot is an example of how to use keywords in your venue’s description to maximize your chances of being found in a search on EventUp.

What exactly is a keyword? A keyword is essentially the main topic of what you are writing about or the main theme that you want to be found or recognized for. Google ranks pages based on SEO best practices, one of which is keyword usage. EventUp works in a similar way — event planners use advanced filters to narrow down from all of the venues we list to only those that fit their exact needs. We do this with keywords and amenities (you’ll learn more about amenities below). 

When writing your descriptions, avoid overly generic descriptions, and be as detailed about your spaces as you can. Don’t copy and paste the description from your website. Your website talks about your venue from a very generalized perspective, whereas your listing description needs to be specific and focused on event planners’ needs and wants.

Questions you may want to answer in your descriptions:

  • What types of events can you accommodate?
  • What events or parties have you held in the past?
  • What are your food and drink options?
  • What services do you provide?
  • What is your pricing?
  • What exactly comes with your packages?
  • What do your spaces look like? Feel like?
  • How can we decorate to meet my design needs?
  • What landmarks are you near?
  • What public transportation can be accessed from your location? 
  • What hotels or lodging should people stay at if your venue doesn’t offer overnight rooms?

Here are the most common keywords that I see naturally integrated into descriptions on the top-performing listings.

  • Event
  • Space
  • Modern
  • Kitchen
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Party
  • Private
  • Views
  • Pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Bonfire
  • Garden

There are plenty of keywords that you can use and you are not limited to just this list — use these keywords naturally in your description if they do in fact make sense for your venue. Never include “pool” if you don’t actually have a pool. 

Other keywords that you can include:

  • Banquet facility
  • Best restaurants
  • Best restaurants for events
  • Bridal shower
  • Cocktail parties
  • Cocktail receptions
  • Corporate events
  • Event space
  • Event spaces
  • Group dining
  • Holiday parties
  • Large group dining
  • Corporate meeting
  • Party rooms and restaurants
  • Private cocktail parties
  • Private dining
  • Private dining room
  • Private dining rooms
  • Private dining spaces
  • Private event space
  • Private event
  • Private meeting spaces
  • Private meetings
  • Private party planning
  • Private party venue
  • Rehearsal finner
  • Semi-private event space
  • Special events
  • Unique event venue
  • Wedding receptions
  • Wedding shower


List all of the amenities available at your venue on your EventUp listing to make sure venue will appear in searches for clients looking for a space with their preferences.

When event planners are looking for the perfect venue for their event, they select options and amenities that mean the most to them, you want to make sure that your venue appears as often as possible in the search results for those options that you do offer. When you set up your profile, amenities are selected based on a drop-down menu selection. Anything you choose as an amenity can also be included in your description as a keyword. 

With your EventUp listing, overall you want the unique factor to be echoed throughout the listing from the amenities, descriptions, and photos. The unique factor that sets you apart from all the other venues around you is what you want to highlight and really focus on. Your venue is a canvas that you want to help the artist within your event planner see all of the possibilities that you offer. When choosing the photos, amenities, and keywords that you offer in your listing, select the right ones for your unique venue so event planners can know exactly what the property looks like, and how they can utilize and envision the spaces for their specific event. 

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