12 Videos to Help You Become a TripleseatDirect Pro


If you’re a venue that books events or catering, there is no better tool to use than TripleseatDirect and there is no better time than right now to use it.

After 18 months of quarantining and then cautiously venturing out in public again, consumers don’t want to wait anymore to hold small, intimate gatherings or huge celebrations. They want to book or order now and have a plan in place. TripleseatDirect is the perfect way to make that happen. It provides your customers with a simple online booking solution where they can book, plan, and pay for in-house private events, off-site catering, pickup, and delivery with zero friction.  Our omnichannel solution enables clients to book directly from your website, social media platforms, or EventUp.

Make sure you’re getting the most out of your TripleseatDirect account by watching our playlist of TripleseatDirect videos. They cover a brief overview of how TripleseatDirect works, how to configure it in your settings, how to manage TripleseatDirect requests on your Tripleseat pages, and what the client’s process looks like.

1. TripleseatDirect: Overview & Getting Started

Get to know TripleseatDirect and learn more about how it works.

2. TripleseatDirect: Configuration & Hours

Learn about how to configure TripleseatDirect to your venue’s needs.

3. TripleseatDirect: Blackout Dates

Watch this video to determine if you should be using blackout dates or calendar notes to block off your TripleseatDirect availability.

4. TripleseatDirect: Menus & Menu Items & Packages

We’ll share how to set up your menus, menu items, and packages in TripleseatDirect.

5. TripleseatDirect: Forms

This video has everything you need to know about setting up your direct booking forms.

6: TripleseatDirect: Managing TripleseatDirect Bookings

Learn how to manage inquiries that are submitted through TripleseatDirect.

7. TripleseatDirect Availability Best Practices

Get tips on setting your TripleseatDirect hours of availability.

8. Add TripleseatDirect to Your VENUES by Tripleseat & EventUp Listings

TripleseatDirect is an omnichannel solution that allows customers to book from wherever your venue shares a link to your booking form online. We’ll show you how to add your TripleseatDirect form to your VENUES by Tripleseat and EventUp venue directory listings.

9. TripleseatDirect Reporting

We’ll show you how to use TripleseatDirect’s reporting capabilities to learn more about your bookings.

10. Filter Your Calendar By Event Style

Sort and filter your TripleseatDirect bookings in your Tripleseat calendar with these tips.

11. TripleseatDirect New User Webinar

New users will get a look at all the features in TripleseatDirect.

12. TripleseatDirect User Role Access

Learn how to give Tripleseat users various levels of access for TripleseatDirect

See it for yourself

If your venue isn’t using our TripleseatDirect feature yet, head on over to the TripleseatDirect page for more information or to book a demo.

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