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  • 3 Ideas to Drive Restaurant Business for Halloween

    If your venue hasn’t come up with a way to celebrate Halloween weekend this month, there’s still time to get in on the tricks and treats. The holiday can be a revenue driver for your restaurant. Halloween-related purchases are estimated to increase in 2021 and Halloween is the third most popular holiday for food delivery. […]

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  • 3 Venues for a Successful Hong Kong Event

    Whether you’re a local or someone planning an international event, Hong Kong has a lot to offer for just about any type of celebration. But only certain venues provide the right combination of decor, vibe, and food that make your event memorable. We’re sharing a look at the best Tripleseat venues that have all of […]

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  • 4 Labor Day Promotion Ideas for Your Venue

    Labor Day weekend is the last holiday weekend of the summer and it’s a moneymaker for the hospitality industry. In 2020, the holiday weekend saw the most recovery of seated diners since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. For hotels, experts are predicting 48% more people will travel for Labor Day in 2021. If you’re […]

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  • Venue Spotlight: MIDA in Newton, Mass.

    I have to thank Boston Restaurant Week (also known as Dine Out Boston) this past spring for my newfound obsession with MIDA. With one location in Boston and one in Newton, it is a little bit too accessible to me.  When I tried the Boston location recently, I absolutely fell in love! The food was […]

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  • 10 Questions with Bostonia Public House

    Attention all Boston locals and visitors! Bostonia Public House must be a stop on your next trip to Beantown. Sitting at the corner of State Street and Broad Street, Bostonia can be found in Boston’s Financial District around the corner from Faneuil Hall. The architecture of the building itself is memorable integrating rustic elements with […]

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  • Lauren Rullo of Weber Grill Restaurants: What’s in Your Bag?

    Lauren Rullo, Sales and Marketing Manager for Weber Grill Restaurants, books and handles all private and large group dining, catering, grill classes, as well as all off-premise and on-site grilling events for the entire Chicagoland market. She also works alongside the corporate marketing director to develop and support all marketing efforts. Rullo began as a […]

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  • Why Your Restaurant Should Create a Landing Page

    There are many reasons why it is important for your restaurant, hotel, or venue to have a strong presence online with a website, landing pages, and through various social media platforms. For starters, it will help your establishment to be seen, found, and followed in order to generate business, increase community, and grow revenue. It […]

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  • 4 Examples of Pride Month Menu Items to Inspire Your Restaurant

    The pandemic shut down many in-person celebrations for Pride Month last year. But now that the COVID-19 vaccine is available, restaurants are opening for indoor dining, and Pride Month events are scheduled across the United States, the hospitality industry is embracing the month with some culinary creativity. Here are four examples of Pride Month menu […]

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  • 5 Ways Your Venue Can Increase Revenue on Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day has traditionally been a huge moneymaking holiday for restaurants, even during the coronavirus pandemic. In 2020, consumer spending at restaurants increased by 103% on Mother’s Day compared to the average daily revenue reported during the pandemic. Your venue can boost Mother’s Day spending even more by offering guests something different than the traditional […]

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