Tripleseat for Hotels: Top 10 Questions About Features


In the last two years, Tripleseat has introduced features specifically for hotels, developing a new platform to help grow group sales and make event management easier than ever before. Tripleseat for hotels provides an all-in-one solution that makes group sales easier, simplifies the booking process, and enables your entire team to work efficiently in a single platform.

With this in mind, you likely have questions about the features and functionality. Below, we’ve outlined the top 10 questions and answers around our group sales management platform:

1. How does Tripleseat help hotels book more group business?

Tripleseat’s lead form is an extension of your existing marketing efforts to generate new group bookings. To date, our customers have received more than 4 million leads that are worth $6 billion in event revenue. Our lead form enables your venue to capture inquiries from your existing website, your Facebook pageVENUES by TripleseatEventUp, and via phone or email. With this lead form, you will never miss or lose a potential booking and you’ll close new business faster than ever before.

  • Convert leads directly from your website. When you embed our lead forms on your website, leads will automatically be sent to your email and your Tripleseat account, where they can be quickly converted into group bookings.
  • Receive inquiries from the Tripleseat Booking Network. VENUES by Tripleseat and EventUp are popular event directories that connect event professionals and guests to hotels with space for their next meeting or event.
  • Capture leads from Facebook. Add a lead inquiry form directly to your Facebook page. This allows your Facebook followers to easily click a button at the top of your page and fill out an event request.

2. How does your sales and catering platform save my team time?

Tripleseat was designed by a former sales and catering manager to streamline and simplify the group booking and planning process. With Tripleseat’s documents and communication features, you can quickly and easily block rooms using GRC (Guest Room Control), create group bookings, and create events in just a few clicks from anywhere on any device.

3. Is this a cloud-based solution and can I access it from my mobile device?

Tripleseat was built from the ground up for the web, making it a cloud-based solution you can access anywhere. You can use Tripleseat on any web-enabled device like a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet.

4. What kind of connectivity do you have to other systems and is there an additional cost?

Tripleseat has an open and free API and can integrate to any web-enabled software. We also integrate with top Property Management Systems (PMS), like Oracle’s OPERA, WebRezPro, StayNTouch, and Infor HMS.  As we’re always working to expand our integrations, you can see all active integrations in our Marketplace listings.

5. What kind of configuration is available out-of-the-box vs. an additional fee?

Tripleseat can be customized to fit how you do business. During the setup process and even after you have been set up, we work with you to make sure Tripleseat flows and operates the way you want it to for your business.

6. How do you handle data migration from my current solution?

Migrating data from your previous system is simple and straightforward. We will provide you with the data fields needed to import your accounts, contacts, leads, and bookings (past and future). Once we receive this data in Excel format, we will import it for you so you can hit the ground running.

7. What level of analytics and reporting is available?

Tripleseat is equipped with the most powerful and easy-to-use business intelligence reporting engine. With Tripleseat’s business intelligence reporting tool, you will be able to run all the reports you want and more.

8. Can I access an overall view of the properties in my portfolio?

Because Tripleseat is a web-based application, you can access one or thousands of hotel properties. Want to see the entire operation? No problem. Want to access properties that are in a geographical location? Again, no problem. You can set up who sees what properties using permission-based roles and easily run reports by the segments you create.

9. What kind of support is offered for onboarding, training, and ongoing questions?

Support is the most important job here at Tripleseat. During the onboarding process, you will have a dedicated professional service manager to work with you on everything during the setup process, and a dedicated trainer who works with you and your professional service manager to tailor the training to your organization. When training is done, you will also have a dedicated account manager to work with you and your organization going forward.

Our support is the best in the industry. Our average ticket resolution is less than 30 minutes. Get your questions answered quickly by our support team by using our in-app chat, creating an online ticket, or giving us a call.

10. What experience does Tripleseat have in the hospitality industry?

We’re proud to share that 99% of Tripleseat employees come from the hospitality industry. Our founder and CEO, Jonathan Morse, was a former catering and sales executive for Starwood Hotels and was the first sales manager at the event management software company Daylight Software.

Additionally, Tripleseat has trained and supported more than 70,000 event managers at 11,000 venues in 28 countries. We’re also the first company to develop a web-based sales and catering management application specifically for the hospitality industry. Other firsts for Tripleseat are:

  • Tripleseat’s online email solution
  • Our web-based BEO and proposal platform
  • Online credit card payment processing
  • Guest Portal for event planners to directly view and communicate with the venue

All updates to Tripleseat are free and are automatically added to the platform without the need to install new software. Tripleseat’s development team updates the application monthly.