Two Chicks, Three Seats Roundup: Generating Event Leads


On Tripleseat’s podcast Two Chicks, Three Seats, my co-host Kate Kennedy and I talk all about the tips and tricks restaurants, hotels, and unique venues can follow in order to succeed in the industry. And that means bringing in customers and event business! We have learned from both the event planner and event venue’s perspective how exactly to generate leads in the industry.

Let’s take a look back at three podcast episodes that discuss generating leads!

Episode 44: What Event Planners Want From Your Venue

A few months ago, Tripleseat hosted a virtual panel with three wonderful event planner panelists to discuss what event planners want from your venue. We discuss this panel on Episode 44, specifically how these event planners find venues, what they look for in venues, new expectations for venues in a post-COVID environment, and more. As we continue on the road to getting back into events, this timeless episode should provide great insight!

Episode 49: Attracting Generation Z as Customers in the Hospitality Industry

When it comes to generating event leads or just a la carte dining guests, then Generation Z should be a group of individuals to target. In Episode 49, we discuss how restaurants can connect with this audience – such as through using marketing initiatives, creating dining experiences, encouraging events, and building loyalty programs. Gen Z loves any chance they can get to celebrate a birthday or special occasion with friends, so we provide some ideas in this episode that may interest this specific crowd.

Episode 43: 4 Tripleseat Features to Help Generate Event Leads

We can’t talk about generating event leads without mentioning Tripleseat! We see Tripleseat leads coming in at the highest levels every day, and we know that our customers are generating business for the rest of the year. Tripleseat can help generate these leads, through its lead forms, venue directories, integrations, and more. Take a listen to episode 43 to get insight into the Tripleseat features that help generate event leads.

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