Tripleseat + Weddings = A Match Made in Heaven


Planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming for even the most seasoned event professional, but Tripleseat offers an easy-to-use platform to manage every detail in one place.

With its incredible features and capabilities, Tripleseat manages events of all kinds and even those requiring intricate preparation and communication processes. Our customers can easily handle ongoing event detail changes for the entire event life cycle (before, during, and post-event).

Let’s check out a few of Tripleseat’s numerous features that specifically help streamline processes for wedding venues from start to finish.

1. Tripleseat lead form and EventUp listing

The easiest and quickest way for clients to submit an inquiry about weddings at your venue is to embed the Tripleseat lead form link on your wedding landing page. This feature saves time, as it’s accessible 24/7, and with our customizable auto-response email feature, they will receive a follow-up no matter what time of day it is.

With Tripleseat, you can monitor your wedding inquiries from multiple sources, such as your website, Instagram, and Facebook, all in one view. Our reporting feature lets you track leads and review their sources and how quickly they become customers. This tool will help you better understand where your leads come from and how quickly they convert from each source.

In addition to the features that Tripleseat offers, our customers can also benefit from EventUp — the premier venue listing sight for wedding planners. To ensure your business generates wedding leads through EventUp, keep your listing current. Add gorgeous photos and provide a comprehensive description of all the amenities and services your venues offer. And, of course, remember to check off weddings as one of the event types that you can host. With this information present, potential customers will have an easier time researching and deciding whether to choose your venue for their special day.

2. A comprehensive calendar

Tripleseat’s calendar is the perfect tool for your wedding venue to organize and streamline its event planning process. With timeline, day, week, and month views, teams can monitor events clearly and efficiently, from rehearsals to ceremonies to receptions and more.

The calendar helps give everyone on the team a better understanding of what needs to be done to keep operations running smoothly, no matter where you are in the planning process. Plus, with Tripleseat’s calendar, you can rest assured that all relevant information will always be available.

3. Customized documents and a client-facing portal

Give your wedding event documents a personalized touch by customizing them to include relevant wedding sections. With just a few clicks on Tripleseat, you can add details like a timeline, vendor information, and more! This will help ensure your clients’ wedding day goes smoothly.

We understand how important it is for you to make changes quickly and accurately, particularly when working with wedding clients. That’s why we have created a system that automatically saves all your edits in real-time. No matter what type of changes you make to the event in Tripleseat, the documents will be updated immediately, and your clients can see the changes once they refresh the page in their guest portal.

4. Automatic tasks and alerts

Planning for weddings can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to forget something important, such as finalizing the menu choices or sending a thank-you note after the event.

That’s why Tripleseat makes creating custom reminders for wedding tasks easy. You can easily map out reminders and to-dos so that everything runs smoothly before, during, and after the event. From creating tasks to setting up alerts, you can rest assured that all your wedding planning needs are handled with Tripleseat.

5. Floor plan software integrations

Tripleseat integrates with top floor plan-generating software companies such as Allseated, Merri, and Social Tables. Connecting your Tripleseat account to these platforms allows you to quickly transition from creating an event in Tripleseat to creating a customized wedding floor plan for the couple. This will enable you to take care of both tasks quickly and easily.

Tripleseat is your best partner for managing weddings

When managing your wedding venue needs, Tripleseat is the ideal solution. From pre-event tasks such as lead generation and scheduling to operations during the event and post-event follow-up, Tripleseat has it all covered. Take the stress out of managing your wedding venue needs and let Tripleseat do all the hard work for you.

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