The Top Amenities Your Venue Needs to Attract Corporate Clients


It’s no secret that attracting corporate clients to your venue can be challenging. You often might wonder “what makes a corporate client book with a certain venue?” To be honest, there is no cookie-cutter answer.

Corporate event planners tell us that the reasons they choose venues vary, and most we can’t control, from existing relationships to a desired location and everything in between. But you can stand out by playing up what amenities you are able to offer, and even better if those amenities can help stretch a planner’s dollar further (after all, everyone’s favorite B-word in events in Budget).

When putting together amenities, it’s important to understand the event your client is hosting and then offer items that are low cost to you, but could be considered a high-value item to them. Below are five examples that will help your venue stand out.

1. Complimentary internet 

The word “complementary” goes a long way with corporate meeting planners, who are often tasked by their stakeholders to do more with less. Offering complimentary internet may seem like something little, but there are way more venues that will charge for it than those who have it as a perk. By your venue having and offering complimentary wireless internet you’ll be saving your clients thousands of dollars (no joke). And the more money a corporate planner can save on items like the internet, the more they will be able to spend on food and beverage at your venue.

2. Audiovisual equipment

Most corporate events will have audiovisual needs of some sort, whether they are doing a short PowerPoint presentation, are having a speaker who will need a microphone, or want to utilize the house sound system for music. Having the basic audiovisual equipment available to them at little or no cost will help avoid hiring a third-party vendor, and that allows them to stretch their tight budget. Having your venue be a one-stop shop for all of their technology needs included will definitely be a plus. 

3. Branding opportunities

We love a good branding moment, and chances are your venue has some great opportunities for client branding. Throwing in the use of items like existing monitors, gobo lights, or other areas where clients can use their logo or event branding will be desirable. It will make the client feel like your space is tailored specifically to them and their event. 

4. Parking

Parking is actually a really great amenity to be able to offer, especially if your corporate clients are local and will need parking to accommodate their guests. Be sure to highlight all available parking and accessibility of your venue from public transportation. Depending on the corporate event, some clients may even request or require valet services. Any parking perks that you can help organize or provide to them at a complimentary or discounted cost will go a long way. 

5. Excellent customer service

This is a no-brainer. Make sure that there is someone on your team who is dedicated to each client. As a corporate planner, it is easier to deal and coordinate with one person than it is with multiple people. It also makes them feel like they get dedicated attention and that you are an extension of their team. Good customer service will help to develop those client relationships and ensure that you are the first person they think of the next time they need to plan an event.

Make bookings easier for corporate clients

Once you have these amenities in place for your corporate event clients, make sure that you have an event management software that can help you easily organize every detail, from booking to billing. Schedule a demo at a time and date that works for you to learn more about how Tripleseat can help you build and streamline your events and private dining business.

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